Super Street Fighter 4: The Danger We Never Knew

O.G. writes "When Street Fighter 4 Producer Yoshinori Ono made the announcement during the Japanese Street Fighter 4 Nationals, a roar came from the Japanese audience. However, despite many Western sites – including Original-Gamer - running the story as important news, many U.S. gamers didn't see the significance. Why was a release of a Japanese arcade game so important? It wasn't going to be a game that many U.S. gamers would play due to the tiny arcade community in the country. Unless you're in the few cities that have an arcade with Japanese games such as L.A., New York and Austin, you will probably never see an arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4. Yet it was the Japanese Street Fighter 4 Nationals' announcement that saved the Street Fighter 4 phenomenon, and I spoke with someone who could explain how an arcade game could have stopped a phenomenon that was happening the world over."

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