Extended Killzone 2 Trailer - Stage Demo

Here is the full presentation demo of Killzone 2 including areas that have not been shown in any of the other trailers.

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TriggerHappy3847d ago

I have not seen the explosion in any of the other trailers and also at the beginning of the demo. Good Stuf

sony fan3847d ago

Lets all keep blocking the article that talks about how much better gears of war is. And we will say this is the bomb, even though the fire efeects look like ryu's heiduken from street fighter.

TriggerHappy3847d ago

is a completed game. Killzone 2 has not even reached a beta stage yet. How anyone can even compare these two is beyond me

sony fan3847d ago

Yea, lets not compare a game that has ONLY been in development for over 2 years that had a film 2 years ago that was supposed to be game footage, or passed off as such (almost). Lets not compare the footage they are showing now that everyone says is our answer to the xbox and its graphics, yea, lets not compare it xbox games, that is just not fair. We all say this game is the Halo killer and graphically proves that sony has come through, then we say, hey don't compare it to other games because it is not so good yet. I must have forgot which one we were going with can my sony brothers help me out?

rosko4863847d ago


So fans of Killzone aren't allowed to bring up it's pre-alpha quality, yet fans of Halo 3 were allowed to bring up the fact that it was in beta when it's visuals were questioned?

Yet another double standard. I swear, the comments section is the worst part of this entire site.

360Sheep3847d ago

haha sony fan you sheep. Ok, lets compare the finished game of gears of war, to the ALPHA stage of Killzone 2... just the simple fact that they can even compare and can be argued in both ways is simply astounding. Lets not forget that gears of war was in development before the 360 was even LAUNCHED, the fact epic made M$ change the components of the 360 to run the game. HALO has also been in development for more than 2 years, remember bill games making a statemnt about halo3 being available at the launch of the ps3???, and it comes out a year later, do you think the game just started development when the 360 launched, thats too funny. The fact is Killzone developers came with the goods and showed an amazing game, in its alpha stage, and it compares in all ways, and in some exceeds that of the flagship title GeOW. Too funny sheep, too funny, keep your bleeting, im sure other 360 fans will hear you, baaaaaa baaaaaa

sony fan3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Yay, lets call people names sony fans, then we will say we are better than them. Hey, I know, How about we start comparing this game to xbox games and saying it is better first, then when reminded that it is not we will say they are the ones comparing the game and yell at them. Maybe we should have said " this is looking ok so far, maybe not as good as the video, but it should get better" instaed of " this game destoys xbox games" Then maybe we would'nt have to crawl back into our hole saying hey it is pre-alpha now, and we don't want to compare anymore. Sometimes we are just crazy like that. Lets all agree with each other some more than suck each other off.

abg4283847d ago

Everyone KNOWS form the looks of things, KILLZONE 2 looks better than Gears.

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timmyp533847d ago

but check out the HD version youtube quality=butt lol

ShiftyLookingCow3847d ago

did you even check the video?

timmyp533847d ago

but not the extended trailer =)

sonarus3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

wow the lighting effects are simply unreal. Splinter cell conviction cant be done on ps3 ma ass. Sony needs to get this type of tech/tools in the hands of devs. Ps3 has far too much power to go to waste and look at that effin blood. gears blood dosent even touch that in anyway

Scions Wrath3847d ago

And this is PRE ALPHA! Killzone 2 is unstoppable!

big_tim3847d ago

why there was a guy with a controller at the end of the presentation. The main video didn't appear to be controlled live. This other screen showed what he was controlling. Pretty impressive. Now I am stoked about getting Halo 3 and COD4 this year (amongst others) and Killzone next year.

lVlemphizStylez3847d ago

I havent seen much info on COD4, but Halo 3 and KZ will definitely be must haves for gamers (not fanboys)

big_tim3847d ago

COD4 looks amazing. If they match or exceed the game play from 2, then it will definitely be worth getting. I am a fan of the Call of Duty series, so I am going to have to get it regardless.

Halo was a blast in beta form. It will be great.

Killzone looks to be amazing also.

The only problem is there are too many games and not enough time to play them.

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