Red Bull and Halo is how Conan O'Brien Gets Over His Show

You may know Conan O'Brien as a funny man from his former Late Night Show on NBC. While not much of a gamer, the man does have a preference for getting over his old show.

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talktosamson12915d ago

I'm glad I've seen this...

I can die now...

cb8102915d ago


I'm with Coco

Ziriux2915d ago

Ahhh let's not start a riot now on who's better and who isn't.

Mista T2915d ago

Conan is simply the BEST!

Army_of_Darkness2915d ago

a comedian needs to get some comedic relief to ya know.... thats why he plays halo, Hahaha!

Ziriux2915d ago

I can see it now, Conan being a driver in a Warthog.

Silly gameAr2915d ago

It's official. Put Halo in a title and it's an automatic approval.

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The story is too old to be commented.