New York Post: Q&A on motion control with Softkinetic bigs Michel Tombroff and Mike Nichols

Softkinetic , which has recently plucked Mike Nichols from his perch as Project Natal Executive Producer for Microsoft, is at the forefront of 3D gesture recognition.

'What the heck is that' you ask? Well, it's potentially the biggest thing to come to home entertainment since DVD.

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Bigpappy2882d ago

I hope people take the time to read this. It shows how motion will be marketed as the next big thing. Not just for games, but anything requiring pressing buttons. It details the tech working in the dark and how fitness, porn and the casual market (even Arcade) are strong candidates for this motion tech. Really good read for anyone interested in the tech

Blaze9292882d ago

Isn't that what Microsoft as been saying they plan to do with Natal all this time -_-?

whateva2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

reading all about this stuff since the Eyetoy.

watching it all come together Softkinetic & Gesturetek seem to be the best @ this kind of stuff and what use to be 3DV

Edit: @ Blaze929 you do know that this stuff has already been done in TV's & Computers for years now before Natal was even showed @ E3 right?

Bigpappy2881d ago

But they are focused more on total control of the TV and intertainment systems, home security and aiding the disable were also mentioned. On the gaming end, they already have a game they plan to release in the arcades this summer. They will also have a showing of their tech at E3. E3 is becoming motion3 more so than 3D3. The Wii should be given credit for making motion a viable market. But since Natal has garnered so much attention, camera based motion tech has really taken off. There are a lot of companies investing heavily in this Minority report type tech. The move has shown a video where Sony has its own interface where you can put up and manipulate them. Sony is not just using the camera though, they decided to use 2 move controllers along with the camera. Softkinetic is willing to make their tech available to all consoles. So if it is more impressive than Natal, sony could easily buy them out like MS did with 3DV.