Is Originality Dead in Gaming?

Gamer Limit writes "Before 3D technology was utilised, third party companies were given the freedom to develop obscure games for niche markets, creating a plethora of fresh, new products in the process."

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darthv722952d ago

as Fonz would say: correct-a-mundo

Plus, it isnt limited to gaming. Originality is pretty much dead in almost everything. Movies are being remade, songs covered. Heck...look at the next nights dinner. Most likely left overs.

tplarkin72952d ago

At Square Enix, originality died about 15 years ago.

Greywulf2952d ago

But its not as popular as the garbage.

Same is said for everything though.

cranium2952d ago

Team ICO says hi. TLG is my most anticipated game right now simply because I know it's made by Team ICO. I trust that they will deliver another completely original, engrossing epic game.

ReservoirDog3162952d ago

To all the people who cry about the lack of originality in games, start looking in indie games.

And most things nowadays aren't very original but they take things other people do and polish them to a mirror sheen (notable example: Uncharted 2). So that's good in its own way.

Regardless, look into indie games. You need to support those guys anyways.

Army_of_Darkness2952d ago

But for hollywood... yes... originality is completely dead in movies. too much Gawddamn f#@kin remakes!!!

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thedoctor2952d ago

Of course it's dead. There is no more originality in games since Heavy Rain came out - it's just impossible.

GrahameG2952d ago

course it's not dead. The only people who truly believe so are those who see the glass as consistently half empty.

Umbrella Corp2952d ago

Yeah with titles such as Demons Souls,Little Big Planet,ModNation,Red Dead Redemption,Nier and many other games.
Originality is totally gone.
/ end sarcasm
/hits bong
Its good to be a gamer.

CellularDivision2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Deamon's Souls- Medevil
LittleBigPlanet- RPG Maker
ModNation- Mario Kart
Red Dead- Clint Eastwood movies
Nier- HackSlash

cranium2952d ago

You don't think that the Play/Create/Share trend that LBP started isn't original? I certainly think so. Originality is (very) rare in gaming, but it's certainly not dead.

CellularDivision2952d ago

Play/Create/Share has been going on since RPG Maker, Game Maker, 3D Movie Maker... I could go on, but Id rather load my next playlist on my Ipod.

Tony P2952d ago

"Deamon's Souls- Medevil
LittleBigPlanet- RPG Maker
ModNation- Mario Kart
Red Dead- Clint Eastwood movies
Nier- HackSlash"

These are terrible comparisons.

kraze072952d ago

Those games mentioned all take ideas from other games or other sources of media and just make them better. It's like in DBZ how genes are taken from the most powerful fighters and combined to create a near perfect android, Cell.

XsteveJ2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

You guys act like to have "originality and creativity" you have to come up with something that looks, acts, plays and feels like something you've never seen before.

Do you know how difficult that is? Literally EVERYTHING borrows from something that came before it. It's impossible not to. Even unique Indie games are taking gameplay concepts from other games. People see things they like, and they end up using these ideas and concepts in future projects, it just happens. Theirs a difference between "Me too!" games and games that take the familiar, and make them new and exciting.

The real gem is finding something that takes the things we've seen before, and expanding on them and making them better. Sure, Uncharted isn't really "original." But have you seen anything like it done THAT well? I haven't.

kraze072951d ago

That's basically what I was saying.

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