Activision; Infinity Ward Employee Group lawsuit "without merit"

The Lost Gamer writes:

Following the recent news that a group of 38 Infinity Ward employees have formed the "Infinity Ward Employee Group" and have filed a lawsuit against Activision in which they are claiming between $75 million and $125 million, Activision have issued an immediate response regarding the event as "action without merit."

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DaTruth3036d ago

Fight the power! Fight, fight... Fight the power!

rroded3036d ago

kotic needs ta loose his job over this imo dudes a douche among douches.

disposable3036d ago

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Therealspy033036d ago

this is the way the system works. if you are a big company...the law bends towards you...unless there's a big enough public outcry to go against the system.

we only now see it as gamers cuz it's affecting us.

the thing is...corporations very often know they can win out simply by having more money to throw at the court. it can take a small company years to get a trial in front of a jury. and by then, they run out of money. this is the game activision is playing. you wanna know how to help infinity ward (which i think you should even though COD is a BS franchise that should have died years ago and has made no effort to evolve the generation)....STOP BUYING ACTIVISION PRODUCTS. they are a game publisher...stop buying their crappy games and they will die out. same with EA while we're at it.

gamers have an opportunity here to start a revolution in gaming. none of us like where it's going. something needs to be done. we can do it do it. stop supporting the developers that are leading us in the wrong directions. that includes sony and ms, btw. we wanna play their systems but we should be rebelling against their business ethics/strategies. we're the consumers...we control where the dollars go. voting might be a waste of time in the traditional sense...but we still vote with our dollars. they need us way more than we need them.

qface643036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

pffft everything is without merit to activision im not even joking
even when they are so clearly wrong they still blah blah without merit blah blah

we could wake up to the moon being gone and they would say the moon missing claims are without merit

Nihilism3036d ago

"P.E in full effect"

we'll leave it to the courts to decide whether it is legally without merit, but morally, there is no doubt in the eyes of the game consumers who is at fault here, now if only those 12 year olds wouldn't stop buying the 6 monthly C.O.D titles they might actually get the message.

Unfortunately common sense never prevails, there is no comradery in gaming.

E.G PC gets a weak port of MW2...MW2 outsels COD 4's lifetime sales in week 1, way to stick it to the man pc gamers...

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RedVsBlue3036d ago

Activision refusing to pay people money they promised is without merit. Activision needs to lose this case

trounbyfire3036d ago

I am so tired of this story and the only reason it was big was because when the PS3 clock thing happened a lot of website got major hits those few days and then the PS3 clock fix itself. those site wanted to keep the hit count growing so they need another story to blow out of proportion and then this happened. Now they just keep talking about it as if people care. we don't care ok, when your PS3 won't work we care. When some D bags are talking to EA while they work at AtV then they should get fired. They signed the contract they knew what they were getting in to. SO F them.....they want give is money well take them to court not talk to the enemy that low and dirt and they should have been fired.........AND COD SUCKs

qface643036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

what are you on about? OBVIOUSLY if these sites are getting hits because of this story then people do care enough to look up the story

from what you said you really don't even understand what's going on do you i mean how would you? like you said yourself you don't care right?

trounbyfire3036d ago

they were getting large hits as the people that went to the sites for info on the Ps3 clock thing the clock thing started to fix itself their traffic started to go down and then the IW thing happened and they tried to make a big deal of it to get traffic back up.

Many people in the industry said that that stuff happens all the but what do you know as the site startled to lose hits another story was blow out of proportion to get the hits back.

Elwenil3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

...But you are an idiot if you think this story is not a big deal and is only around to generate hits on a few websites. This is a big deal to a lot of gamers and people in the industry. This sort of thing will cause a lot of ripples that will effect many aspects of gaming, especially with the developers and publishers. I imagine right now there are probably a lot of devs and publishers that are looking over the contracts they signed previously and you can bet anyone signing a contract in the future is probably going to have at least some part of this story in the back of their mind. To say that YOU don't care is one thing and woe to you since you are probably one of the sheeple that will continue to buy crap games at full price and add to Activision's bottom line, but to assume just because you don't care that this is blown out of proportion? Foolishness.

If companies like Activision can succeed in allegedly withholding money owed to their employees along with their obvious desire to milk gamers for every penny then other companies will follow suit. How long do you think the gaming industry would support this sort of thing when the developers can't make good money for their hard work and gamers can't get a good quality game for their money? The gaming industry collapsed once before in the '80s and if companies like Activision are allowed to continue their ruthless business practices and pretty much set whatever trend they want, eventually gamers will tire of it, demand will dry up and the industry will collapse again. Trust me, this is NOT being blown out of proportion. But nah, as a gamer you shouldn't worry about that should you?

hazelamy3036d ago

they would say that.
i don't know enough to be sure of anything in this case but i'd be more inclined to believe the people from IW than activision.

Meryl3036d ago

Activision have shot themselves in the foot really on this one, IW was always better at making COD games, all they had to do is give them the time to make it better honestly, now Activision had no right todo all them firings, COD : MW2 was a success and IW should get the money they are owned for all their hard work, but as usual the hard working person always get's shafted in the interest of evil corporation funds

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