Windows 7 now on one in 10 of world's PCs

Tim Ferguson of writes:

"Just six months after its release, Windows 7 is now installed on one in 10 of the world's PCs, Microsoft has confirmed.

The operating system was launched on 22 October 2009 and has gone on to sell more than 100 million licences - making it the fastest-selling Windows OS in history according to Microsoft.

Microsoft yesterday reported revenues of $14.5bn for the financial quarter ended 31 March and CFO Peter Klein said Windows 7 "continues to be a growth engine" - with Windows revenue up 28 per cent year-on-year."

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Elven63005d ago

Microsoft made a great OS, it's good to see it is selling well for them. I've been using Windows 7 since launch (upgraded from Vista which I've used for years). While I didn't mind Vista as much as many others did I do thing Windows 7 is the better OS in plenty of different categories.

qface643005d ago

here here when it comes to an OS windows can't be beat

everyone really should start supporting W7 more its really not another vista

Pandamobile3005d ago

I just hope more devs start to make the switch to DX10/11 now.

If Vista had this kind of user base this early into its life cycle we'd have a lot more DX10 games by now :(

2Spock3004d ago

Awesome 1 out 10 people can play Justcause 2 on the Pc now.

3004d ago
Christopher3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Microsoft likes to keep to the extremes. It's either really good, or really crappy. Your WinXP to your WinME. Your Vista to your Win7.

I have Win7 on my desktop and laptop and love it. It's definitely a good successor to WinXP. The problem is that too many PCs are still running 32-bit OS, which means a lot of applications that I use for work for security/VPN force me to keep a 32-bit system in place.

WildArmed3004d ago

This is definitely a great upgrade.
My PC had came w/ Vista installed beforehand, i 'upgraded' to WinXP.
then again I upgraded to Win7 when that came out.
I'm very statisfied with my purchase.
Thanks MS.

Somnipotent3004d ago

Not really trying to call you out, but being a Sony fan doesn't mean you can't be a fan of Windows 7... heard of Sony Vaio? ;-P

meetajhu3004d ago

Windows is the best OS in the history of Mankind. And Windows 7 is a testment to what Microsoft does. I want apple to dust off. They really don't do anything other than steal people's money!

SaiyanFury3004d ago

Well it's 3 for 3 in my house. I started using it during the beta over a year ago, and I simply can't go back to XP. I keep an installation of XP as a dual boot, but I rarely use it. My PC and laptop are Windows 7 from now on, and my wife recently bought Windows 7 Ultimate for her computer and is loving it.

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NateNater3004d ago

1/10 PCs are running Windows 7? That's crazy!

Dorfdad3004d ago

WOW so the other 9-10 are running OSX :)

LOL naw Congrats to Microsoft they finally have a GOOD OS.. I have both windows 7 and Snow Leopard and I can say I like them both equally (OSX for productivity and Security (images, movies, etc) and PC to all my games and porn..

Montrealien3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Call me when OSX actually has a a large enough market where it actually makes sense to create spy ware for.

OSX having better security is an illusion. Its like saying its safer to drive a car on the OSX high. Of course it is, there are barely any cars on it.

no_more_trolling3004d ago

this guy is an idiot

there are pc's with linux, windows xp and vista

SaiyanFury3004d ago

Exactly. There's no reason for OSX users to worry about security in it's present form as it owns so little marketshare, there's no reason to create security threats. If hackers wrote viruses to target Macs alone, they'd be completely vulnerable.

Corrwin3004d ago

Windows 7: A success because Microsoft sabotaged their own Vista... forcing new buyers into a crappy OS, and annoying those who had stuck with XP for so long.

If the top reason you use Windows 7 is "it's better than Vista", congratulations, you're a tool.

ReBurn3004d ago

Vista actually became a decent operating system after SP1. SP2 makes it a solid OS. I love the anecdotes about how much Vista sucks. Just shows how bad people make themselves look in a lame attempt to discredit Microsoft.

Corrwin3004d ago

Sorry, you can want it all you want, Vista will never be a good OS, and 7 is marginally better. If you used it for more than World of Warcraft, you might realise that.

I admit I use neither, but I have to develop for both.

mittwaffen3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Caused alot of glitches, slowdown and small issues you find slowly when doing different things, alot of system degradation took place too.

Why are my frames low? Oh I need to wait for SP2, Driver issues out the ass left and right, memory hog and very bad kernel for the OS itself.

Windows 7 I have literally none even off a fresh reformat windows 7 has all my LAN drivers so i dont need to find my CD, USB stick to get it on the internet to update. A small thing that I appreciate them taking the time and improving alot of small things.

Theres a reason consumers like it and hated vista; because vista screwed them over and windows 7 did not.

Network Backups, Homegroup, better networking, better operation and speed, driver improvements, and overall reliability of programs, and services. I'm running a high end unit and the speed difference is even noticeable to me. Shutdown/startup times, install times all better than vista.

I would say thats a hell of alot more than a little bit better.

chak_3004d ago

I hate microsoft for what they did to PC gaming.

Though I have to admit win 7 is a brilliant OS. stable and all.

Dr-ZOOM3004d ago


What did they do to Pc Gaming?

chak_3004d ago

hmmm let's see...

they completly droped it? they shut all their PC studio down? they remove PC games to put them on xbox? they release crappy GFWL plateform 3 trains later? they just globally don't give a darn about us?

is that enough to hate'em PC-wise?

mittwaffen3004d ago

But if your mad a MS you should be mad at alot more companies too for shafting us a hell of alot worse.

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