Final Fantasy XIV Update

Andriasang: Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto discuss the alpha test and general development.

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Brewski0072946d ago

Wow i really hope they sort out all server issues when this game goes live. I know its only in alpha, but if they've underestimated a small group of hardcore players and their servers crash , then one can only imagine that its going to get alot worse come launch day when ALOT more hardcore gamers will be online exploring like crazy moogles!!

I cannot wait for this myself :)

Myst2946d ago

Good thing it's still in Alpha, here's hoping that they get that all done [which I'm sure they will]. Oh and here's hoping that there won't be a heavy download like XI had when you first started the game :p.

DrWan2946d ago

with jobs such as Puppet Master (puppet and..what a stick and a hood? lol), Engineer (robot+gun), Scholar, Strategist

Also some idea for Discipline of Art (Buff/DeBuff/Time Magic class?)

Dancer, Bard, (or combine the two into Musician or Entertainer of some sort).


DrWan2946d ago

Geologist (although maybe of D. of Land), but Geologist with Full Metal Alchemist style attacks would be rad.

Tdmd2946d ago

Anyone knows whats the eta on it to hit the stores?