Action MMORTS Soul Master Exclusive Q&A

by Cody Hargreaves

So, have you heard? There's talk of another MMO on the horizon; something new, something different. Something you've never seen before; something that will blow your mind. Probably. We were a little sceptical too, so we embarked upon a quest for answers. We asked questions, they were answered. Take a look for yourself.

CH: First up, thanks to Andrew Fernandez, the Producer of Soul Master for joining us. Could you give us a quick run-down on some of the ideas behind Soul Master, and how they've translated into gameplay?

AF: Soul Master is an action-MMORTS which merges the real-time strategy genre with action MMORPG game play in a way that hasn't been done before. How it works is that the player is in direct control of their character; who has their own set of skills and can progress in level, upgrade and craft their own equipment, go on quests and missions, etc. which comprises the MMORPG side of things. At the same time, in combat they're also able to control an army of units called "Souls". You can also create buildings for defense and unit production, progress through tech trees to gain access to more powerful units with unique powers, upgrade your units' in-match abilities, and fight over resources which make up the RTS aspects of the game.

CH: So in a nutshell, we're talking about the love-child of an MMORTS and an MMORPG. Instantly, I think 'Warcraft III meets World of Warcraft' - was there any inspiration drawn from either of these titles?

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