Examiner Review | Super Street Fighter IV: Ultimate Vision or Expensive Expansion?

Ex: "On April 27th, Capcom released Super Street Fighter IV - a game the company defines as the 'Ultimate Vision' of Street Fighter - to throngs of dedicated fans, and a healthy percentage of skeptics. At first blush, it may appear to be just another iterative release reminiscent of Capcom's 1990's treatment of the franchise.

The glowing, neon question in the room, then: Is Super Street Fighter IV (SSFIV) worth the $40 investment? The quick and easy answer is that if you don't own or have never experienced the original Street Fighter IV, yes. A resounding, boisterous yes. Simply put, you can now experience all the content of the original plus a generous collection of new features for $20 less. For the diehards who've worn their SFIV discs thin, let's get into the details."

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