Blizzard Entertainment's Campus Tour

Nelson from PixelatedGeek writes "A week ago, Aaron from sent us in place of him to cover the Starcraft 2 press event. After the event, Blizzard offered a tour of their campus. Below is a video and some photos that Jay and I took. While viewing the media, here are somethings we have been told or seen during our tour:

* Parking gets crazy full during work hours
* There are 2 valet parking employees on both ends of the campus
* Valets usually double park cars (because its THAT full)
* The front gate of Blizzard, kind of look like Pixar's front gate
* There are contests to win the closest parking lot on the campus
* Art contests happen all the time
* The door labeled "Project Hydra" is not a code name for a secret game. It's just the area where Diablo employees work in
* We were not allowed to take photos of videos of their (NOC) Network Operations Center, but it kind of looks like this
* Everyone who worked at Blizzard during the grand opening of the new campus received a statuette replica of the Orc statue in the middle of the campus
* Everyone's desk looks like they are having a contest as to who can have the most toys on it


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Ziriux3034d ago

That seems like a very nice place to work.

nothere3034d ago

I will still bash WoW till the end of time, but its been damn effective. :D