Olivia Munn To Host Capcom's Lost Planet 2 Tournament & Launch Party In LA

Xbox Evolved:

"The combined celebrity and community tournament is the final chapter in Capcom's month long "Kill Big for Charity" campaign where community members were called into action to support a good cause and download the newest Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo."

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Blaze9292884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Didn't even realize Lost Planet 2 was releasing so soon. Multiplayer kinda blows btw...

But that 4p co-op should be a blast

BTW, the Marcus and Dom 'skins' for Lost Planet 2 - anyone know if they are just skins or actual characters with the original voice overs?

fr0sty2884d ago

Tried the demo for it, I wasn't all that impressed either.

AridSpider2884d ago

was way too slow for me to like. I didn't understand wtf we were supposed to be doing. Team Deathmatch?

JasonXE2884d ago

yeah I really didn't like the multiplayer demo all that much either

tokoshix2884d ago

I thought the multiplayer was alright. I'm mainly looking forward to the co-op parts the most though.

ProA0072884d ago

Gonna give this game a rent at least

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ProA0072884d ago

swear i was starring at that pic for like 5 mins straight O_O

ThatCanadianGuy2884d ago

You need to get out more...

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The story is too old to be commented.