Joe Danger Still PSN Exclusive, Probably Heading to PC Later

So remember a little while ago when I reported that the ESRB had rated two separate versions of Joe Danger, one for the PSN (which was previously announced) and the other for the PC (which had not been announced). This lead us, as well as many other gaming outlets to believe that maybe Joe Danger wasn't as exclusive to the PSN as previously believed. I mean, why pay to get it certified twice?

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sinncross2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Sony should honestly try and get publishing rights (and pay off the ESRB debt for the PC certification)

The game is basically a Play. Create. Share title (like LBP and Modnation Racer)which is something Sony should be getting for their console whenever the opportunity strikes.

In fact, Sony should try a commission a PSP version of Joe Danger: I'd love to take this sort of game on the go with me (especially if it came with 4 player multiplayer)

ExgamerLegends22947d ago

I honestly never heard of this game but judging from the pic and your comment I'm guessing you create your own motocross death defying stunt games?

doG_beLIEfs2947d ago

Yes you can create your own tracks and stunts. You can even pause the game in the middle of a race and change up the stunts.

There are videos of this game on youtube.

This is Excite Bike meets LBP

I cannot wait for this game.

BlackIceJoe2947d ago

I agree a PSP version of Joe Danger would be really cool. Being able to take it out of my pocket and play a quick race and turn it off after that level. So I hope a PSP version will happen.

CellularDivision2947d ago

Greatest gaem evar!111

HolaTarola2947d ago

You're the worst troll in N4G since Bingie/TehCell.. oh, wait! you are Bungie/TehCell!! Not enough bubbles on your other accounts? or they're banned? GTFO kid.

TheColbertinator2947d ago

If its on PC then its no longer PS3 exclusive

GenghisKhan2947d ago

because joe danger was actually a multiplatform game then sony bought exclusive right to it in the middle of production. so now it's a ps3 exclusive, which means only on the ps3. a crapbox exclusive means it's also on the pc and coming soon to the ps3.

pixelsword2947d ago

...since this is only on the PC and PS3.

(rolls eyes)

xaviertooth2947d ago

bots don't have PC so this is ps3 exclusive.

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