PS3 RPG Trinity Universe Screens and Character Art Released

With the release date of Trinity Universe quickly approaching, NIS America has released some new screens and character art for their upcoming PS3 exclusive RPG, Trinity Universe. Set to release in June, Trinity Universe will be unlike any RPG you have ever played.

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Chris3993002d ago

Looks to be $10 cheaper than standard retail releases too (according to Amazon, though they have it listed as for the Wii with a picture of So Long My Love, Sakura Wars lol).

Myst3002d ago

Whoa whoa wait what..? Whoa it really is had to look it up for a moment. More than likely I will pick this one up. Somehow someway, been interested since I first heard about it last year.

RankFTW3002d ago

Just heard about this game right now but seeing as it's from NIS I've added it to my order.