Nier Launch Day Trailer

To support the launch of Nier, Square Enix has a new trailer out. It won't be posted here, as the opening contains some harsh language, and the video should have an age gate. Plus, if you're at work, you might want to turn the volume down due to the NSFW language.

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AFatalPapercut2822d ago

I'm about to get this game right after I type this...but that opening launch trailer...lmfao those first few seconds...You can tell who voices the female, it sounds like the one chick from Disgaea and other RPGs, but to hear her start snapping....that's great...hahahaha.

roblef2822d ago

Yeah, I had to turn it off since my kids walked in right when it started. OY! Looks cool, though.

roblef2822d ago

Nice! Game looks so interesting!

JimmyJames702822d ago

Yeah, I just got this game today. Can't wait to pop it in and play, which I'm going to do...just!