How does an Avatar MMO sound?

TVGB: "Speaking in an interview conducted at the recent 3D Gaming Summit, Avatar movie producer John Landau said there's been interest in creating an MMO based on the insanely successful flick."

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Hellsvacancy2915d ago

Im sick 2 bloody death of hearin about Avatar, the film was ok but thats it

Government Cheese2915d ago

Well I don't know what it sounds like, but it certainly SMELLS like milk

mittwaffen2915d ago

What makes you think an MMO would be any better? MMO's usally are of lower quality

Lumbo2915d ago

Bad - movie tie ins always suxx big time, hardly any movie theme game was worth the money needed to buy it.

DarkSpawnClone2915d ago

im up for it,if its good and not expensive,would this be for pc or consoles all things i would like to know,but of course I'll wait to see game play before i really say yes or no.i think the world that is in avatar might make a cool mmo but we will see

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