Extra Punctuation: Videogames as Art

As someone who adamantly prefers to call themselves a "game critic" rather than a "game reviewer," I've been asked by several parties to make some counter-comment to film critic Roger Ebert's recent post. Presumably they were all hoping for some expletive-laden takedown of all Ebert's arguments broken up by comparisons between the man and various historical dictators and farm animals. But the thing is, I like Ebert. I think he's an intelligent guy and well worth listening to, especially when he's got a particularly terrible film in his sights. In my more egotistical moments, I might one day aspire to being his videogaming equivalent.

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Tempist2979d ago

Very much spot on to the central problem of this argument. Neither side really knows what the other is talking about and art is ambiguous and very much subjective and different from person to person.

There are many artistic works that can be cited to be both art and an interactive media.