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IncGamers: How The USMC Influenced Six Days In Fallujah

Atomic Games' Peter Tamte spoke to IncGamers about the way in which the marines have made the game the way it is, bringing in genre elements from across the board.

An excerpt: The idea of the game was always to tell the story of the soldiers, and Tamte told IncGamers that the stories and experiences of the soldiers had shaped the game into a melting pot of different genres.

"There are aspects of the survival horror genre that formed the interior combat of the game. The things like the pacing for example, and the uses of surprises, et cetera," said Tamte. (PS3, Six Days in Fallujah)

thetamer  +   1824d ago
It's always interesting to hear how the soldiers stories are told.
tdogchristy90  +   1824d ago
I wish we could get a release date for this game. Just like with the ww2 games having d-day and the like, I would like to see more modern warfare games based on real events....i.e. the new Medal of Honor and Six days in Fallujah. We are currently in a military conflict so we definately have the stories to do so, even going back and doing like bosnia or black hawk down stuff would be nice.
DrWan  +   1824d ago
does this game even have publisher yet?
? Konami backed out right.
thetamer  +   1824d ago
Yes, Konami backed out. The game does have a publisher, but Atomic arent' ready to reveal.
Djorgo  +   1823d ago
Sounds scary.
Maticus  +   1823d ago
Will we even get this game in Europe? No news yet on that I don't think.
skee360  +   1822d ago
A war country love war games
Will the next game be base on lunching two bombs on Japan? How sick do you have to be to make a game about the slaughter of a city, do they have the rape stories in this game.

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