First free Blu-ray encoder released

The VideoLan x264 team has finally developed a preliminary encoder which allows regular users like ourselves to encode Blu-ray format movies onto DVD9 or even DVD5 discs with quality, reasonably comparable to Blu-ray.

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BubbleSystemSuck2820d ago

Nice... but Bluray is Bluray...

Bereaver2820d ago

Well, to be honest about this. This has been in China for a LOOOOOONG time. Extremely high quality DVD's. It's insane. But, yeah, it's not quite blu-ray.

wicko2820d ago

I'd be more interested in a free bluray DECODER.

evilmonkey5012820d ago

Encode in avchd? This has been around since um...bluray was started.

2819d ago
xabmol2819d ago

Stop spamming that pic from deviantart. What, did you make that yourself? Cool, post it on the forums. Or you just got a hard on for the chief? Either way, that's like the 4th time Ive seen that pic today. =/

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Speed-Racer2820d ago

Kinda sad that it's not PS3 compatible

mcroddi2820d ago

this smells like trouble...

Raypture2820d ago

Sounds good, so is this a update to h.264 or a new codec entirely? I hope google releases on2 VP8 soon as it is speculated they will.

Speed-Racer2820d ago

It should be added to the h.264 library I believe....

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The story is too old to be commented.