E3 2007: Assassin's Creed and Jade Raymond: Both still look gorgeous

Following yesterday's "Floating body" hoopla, G4's Kevin Pereira had a chance to interview Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond and ask some more in-depth questions about some of the things in the live gameplay demo shown during Microsoft's E3 press conference.

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Crazyglues4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I mean seriously it's all over: - those guys touched on it, talked a little about it..

even Kotaku, spoke about it -

and if you look at the comments said here about it, then yeah it was a problem... but i'm sure the game will be fine, Like Jade said they will polish all those bugs up.

And Jade I still love ya'...

BrotherSic4027d ago

even with the glitches it still looked great. However i don't like the way enemies cued up to attack rather than fighting together.

G_CodeMonkey4027d ago

...that it doesn't look like an old kung fu or Chuck Norris movie (no offense, Chuck). gCM

Tommie4027d ago

I have a 100% confidence in Jade and Ubisoft that this game will be buggless and glitchless. I mean its just a demo and the game only comes out in 4 months, so they still have lots of time to fix all this. But still, even with the bugs it looks gorgeous!

JIN KAZAMA4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

This is UbiSoft, the NEW EA. Take a look at Rainbow Six, very buggy, final game, take a look at Splinter Cell:DA, very buggy final build.
Now, take a look at the GT DEMO, the ridge RACER DEMO, the MOTORSTORM DEMO, The NINJA GAIDEN DEMO, and all the rest. They were like this lackluster, no A.I. having demo.
Why the hell is Jade getting so many props of being beautiful?? AM I the only one who thinks she is an annoying little GIDDY sweaking clean wanna be chick? She is riding off the hard work of the real game programmers. She is annoying and isnt all that fine.

Edit @Sak500: You wrote "We all know you like buffed up black people but rest of us Jade is quite a girl."
What the hell is that supposed to mean??? are you out of you mind?? That sentence made NO SENSE.
Everybody hear knows i like buffed up black people???
Thats freakin hillarious that you actually came up with something like that with your single cell brain. I feel bad for your mom and dad, I bet they had such high hopes for you when you were born.

KingME4027d ago

JIN KAZAMA, I agree with you on the whole Jade thing. I don't know why some of these guys make such a big deal about her. I rate her as average. Don't really see where the extreme appeal comes from. Maybe it's because she is suppose to be a gamer chick. But, if that's the case the frag dolls should be world celebraties. Who know, but I agree, she's not that fine that her so call beauty needs to be mentioned everytime she makes an appearance. IT's kinda lame.

RelloC4027d ago

first time I have ever agreed with Jin i think, the man has a point here...

sak5004027d ago

@ jin
We all know you like buffed up black people but rest of us Jade is quite a girl. Anyway, the game is promising and even with all the $hit blown over it, i'm still gonna get it for me 360, along with H3, Mass Effect, Bioshock and PGR4. Enough games till end of the year.

icechai4027d ago

The whole Jade thing is mainly discussed among the gaming community, and you must admit she's better looking than the Frag Dolls. Basically, it makes her a celebrity within the gaming circuit, and that's probably one of the reasons Ubisoft always uses her to promote the game.

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Captain Tuttle4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

For allowing such a flawed product to be shown at E3. There's no excuse for it. I mean, show it behind closed doors or something, not at MS's news conference. They just made their marketing job alot harder...all that buzz from the last year just went up in smoke.

And I agree, the combat is flawed and that didn't look like a bug.

witchking4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I agree that their marketing job is a lot more difficult. But let's face it, if the game gets good reviews when it ships, then it'll sell.

The guy floating is a bug that's easily recognizable and fixable. That's not an issue.

I think the bigger issue is the number of duplicates carrying pots, and the extremely lame combat. If 5 guys surround Altair, are they gonna go at him one at a time? That's bs. If that's the combat system, then count me out.

And for god sakes, can we stop worrying about what Jade looks like? The only question that matters is whether she's got the chops to produce this game. When you sit down to play it, are you gonna be thinking "Wow, Jade made this game, and she's hot, so it must be good." Please.

Captain Tuttle4027d ago

Especially about the reviews. But now they've lost momentum and are on the defensive and doing damage control...not where you want to be just before your product releases. I'd be curious to see the pre-order numbers in the next couple of months.

Bill Gates I Am4027d ago

I just got a woody.

And it wasn't over the game.

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