Final Fantasy 13 - What the hell happened ?

Games4M: In this video we take a look at Final Fantasy 13 and compare it against the innovation and diversity of what many people consider the greatest JRPG ever - Final Fantasy 7.

*Warning: adult humour and language

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Godmars2902921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

1) No central Villain. One half decent bad guy, not just some smoe doing the wrong job for the right reasons, would make everyone forget all of the main character's flaws.

2) Should have taken tips from MH and MGS: give monsters sensory/detection cones so players could figure out ways to sneak up on them. Also since they did away with tons and shops, why not give characters weapon/accessory making skills? Give them 1-2 weapons for the whole game that they build up by salvaging materials from monsters, as well as find around the world. Learning new methods by hacking into computers, finding data files or just observing certain events.

As for Versus, I'm really having my doubts because of #1. The series started to loose its mojo with XII, and that's when they stopped having good villains.

Games4M - Rob2921d ago

I totally agree. I think 10 was the last one i actually enjoyed playing and even then i was thinking it was losing steam.

The weapon upgrade thing sounds like a good idea. The whole shop thing in 13 sucked, it just seemed tacked on at the last minute with its basic menu system.

I kind of imagine that they got to a point in the game and just thought "CRAP! how do the characters get better weapons???" and so someone came up with and implemented the floaty shop hologram one lunchtime.

DannyVenom2921d ago

I like the weapon upgrading system. I have seen others, but they are pretty plain, like adding 'gems' and other goofy stuff which just basically gives a +1 to some stat.

A really good weapon upgrading system would be the nads.

Godmars2902921d ago

A lot of the problem is that a year and half of development had been wasted on the PS2. That they still had the mindset of working on DVDs and felt generally burnt on the reaction of FFXII. Still tried to make an MMO but ignored games like GTA and MH.

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f7897902920d ago

How would it being multiplat affect the game mechanics?

Square Enix just needs to make a FF7 remake (it would be stupidly huge) then die.

Celeras2920d ago

Usually, this is the point where I'd point out that while not a masterpiece.. FF13 is still a perfectly serviceable JRPG.

However, after watching that video, this comment is now reserved for ripping the fgts in front of the camera. Seriously, 'fking awful' doesn't even begin to describe it. Don't quit your day job fellas..

Natsu X FairyTail2920d ago

smh @ sage kin blaiming this on the fact the game is multiplatform.

S-E fell off A long time ago. When's the last time you've played a good S-E game these past years?

All they do is Milk the Series and give us half the product they used to give us back in the days and people still buy it.

Godmars2902920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The whole thing is a question of Square knowing what they knew when they knew it.

For all anyone on the outside is aware, Square could have begun dealing with MS to put it on the 360 within the lost year and a half the game was going to be a PS2 title. The devs are halfway through making a custom PS3 game engine when management orders them to stop, make it multi, and in the ensuing argument its the PS2 engine that goes into FFXIII so it will fit on a DVD. Meanwhile the PS3 still gets Versus all to itself which happens to have the "new" game engine.

yeah, you got a point too... :(

soxfan20052920d ago

It doesn't fit on a DVD - it needs three DVD's. It's a 25gb game that fits on one Blu-ray - meaning it's still optimized for PS3, and then scaled back to fit on 360.

The theory that producing a 360 version led to FF13's drawbacks is full of holes.

RememberThe3572920d ago

I love it. It's beautiful to look at and it's fun to play. I know different people have different taste but the hate being directed toward FF13 is misguided. I love being able to upgrade my weapons and accessories and I love the new skill-tree-thing. The story is compelling even thought it's vague and at times a little too splintered.

The only gripe I have so far is with Hope. I hate that kid.

jadenkorri2920d ago

cloud, Squall, and Tidus..... Ok, you left out Zidane, FF9 was a great FF game, better than 12 and 13 combined

KiRBY30002920d ago

7 -> lucky number -> success
13 -> bad bad number -> fail

Versus got "13" slapped on its tittle but its gonna be a new FF game, so i consider it to be the 14th entry in the franchise.

14 = 7x2

so, the only rational conclusion is that Versus is going to rock twice as much as FF7.

you cant disagree with MATHS!

SaiyanFury2920d ago

There's a lot of reasons why I, as a traditional RPGamer didn't buy FF13. I was on the sidelines for a longtime, but I constantly kept my eye on the game. But after I learned that S-E removed just about every component that made a game an RPG, I decided not to get it. A few points include:

No towns: This equates to exploration in RPGs. Nothing to search, no one to talk to. This removes an organic part of the RPG experience that I couldn't resonate with.

Completely linear: again, this ties in with nothing to explore.

The removal of EXP: I've not played the game so I don't know how you advance your party. I've read that both EXP and MP better knows as magic points were taken out of the game. In the video the guy just mashing the X button to win a battle against several foes really turns me off as it has no strategy, and no thought about battles.

From what I've seen, S-E (the corporation) made FF13 to appeal to the masses that don't typically play RPGs, and not to those of us who relish a good RPG. What went wrong? S-E's bottom profit-line. They were more concerned with it than making a good game.

For the record I'm one of the few that loved FF12. FF Tactics on the original PS is and will always be one of my favourite games. The same people made FF12 and I have to say I loved it. It has a huge world map to explore, people to interact with, and goals to accomplish. From what I've read, the same cannot be said of FF13. I must ultimately agree with the video, how far has the FF series fallen since the days of the revolutionary games on the original PS? These days it's merely about name recognition, and not about true innovation. Personal opinion here.

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Nicaragua2921d ago

Final Fantasy 7 rocks
Final Fantasy 13 sucks sweaty bums

DannyVenom2921d ago

Pretty much summed it up. Better graphics does not mean a better game, FFXII is the greatest proof of that.

Kind of sad really, hopefully they realise what they are doing wrong and will continue the series with something more like FF:VII/X.

Colonel-Killzone2921d ago

I will say this battle system fantastic story boring as hell was not interested for the most part and i thought they wanted to make it so complicated for no damn reason. But the battle system is fantastic thats at least one thing they did not screw up but i was disappointed thank god i only borrowed the game and did not buy it im gonna wait for ff13versus ^_^ nomura <3.

120FPS2921d ago

I think Japan is playing catch up to western devs when it comes to game development for this current Gen, its only these past 8 months that the ps3 has started to really take off, the x360 is selling as well as a packet of condoms in a nunnary.

The Japs are still too much into their DS', PSP'S AND WIIS , all last gen

Son_Lee2921d ago

It just doesn't feel like a Final Fantasy game. The classic sounds aren't there. No mini-games, no shops, and it actually is too linear. Or more precisely, it doesn't open up enough. Cocoon had enormous potential for exploration, but to no avail.

As much as I like the characters, I didn't feel a strong connectivity to them, maybe with the exception of Sazh and Vanille. Snow is cool, but a Zell + Seifer hybrid. And Lightning I find quite awesome all-around, they did her right.

Music was great, but lacked melody-driven pieces in the places that matter.

I want exploration. I want to accidentally venture off and get my ass kicked by monsters that are 10x stronger than me. I like the cone field of vision idea for monsters, I would include that. Also, keep the datalog system and the overall menu design. That was fantastic!

Some things should never change. Bring back the feel of FF, and you don't need the original developers to do that. Come on Square Enix, I know you can do it.

Godmars2902921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

You mean because they substituted the J-POP specifically made for the game for American pop that wasn't?

Go figure...

Redempteur2920d ago

"I want exploration. I want to accidentally venture off and get my ass kicked by monsters that are 10x stronger than me."

Happenned to me ..i wanted to explore gran pulse and i stumbled on some pretty huge monsters .. didn't you see them ?

Son_Lee2919d ago

Well yeah, I ran into them on Gran Pulse too, of course. But I'm talking about freedom, venturing off somewhere that you don't know you're not supposed to be and get destroyed. Or just fight creatures somewhat stronger than you. Bottom line: let me walk where I want, not on a Fallout level, but echoing previous Final Fantasies.

As far as the music goes, I don't care that they substituted Kimi ga Iru Kara for My Hands. I actually really like My Hands as a song, and Leona Lewis in general, but besides songs like Dust To Dust and obviously the main theme throughout, I didn't hear many strong melodies. That being said, I still love the music and applaud Hamauzu for taking a new approach, especially with the vocal tracks. Loved those. And best battle theme in history.