How "Core" Smash Bros Players are Ruining the Game

Super Smash Bros. unfortunately has been taken over by the "Smash Bros. purist" who will only play the barest stages with all the items turned off, turning a unique game into another fighter clone.

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kghapa2950d ago

Bah thank god somebody is calling this out. I effin hate playing only 3 levels with no items against the same 3 characters. Items high, level random, and character random for me muahaha!

ChickeyCantor2950d ago

I realise the items are just in the way, never really liked them.
I guess it depends against who you are playing with.

Therealspy032950d ago

gamers are, for the most part, boring, unoriginal people. is it really surprising that they prefer boring, unoriginal gameplay? hell, look at the popularity of the COD franchise if you really need proof?

Darkfocus2950d ago

Items add a random element to the game that is not based on player skill that's why I turn them off, and what do you mean same 3 characters almost all of the characters are fairly balanced and used in regular competitive play.

qface642950d ago

pfft i dunno why so many people hate items they are the best matches with items are usually always the most fun messing around with em and what not ESPECIALLY POKEBALLS

matches with no items are too serious most of the time and im ok with that it just gets boring rather fast

Celeras2950d ago

No items. Fox only, FINAL DESTINATION.

presto7172950d ago

And yes I used to be that purist guy who would always play on Final Des with no items. Now we play with items though, on time, but Final Des is still the sh*t. And I definitely HATE big blue and rumble falls or that stupid moving mario stage.

Danteh2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Lol, I played Melee a few years ago as a "semi pro" and it's very fun to play without items if you actually know what the hell you are doing, and if you go to tournaments

On the other side I do enjoy a 4 player free for all (with casual players) and items once in a while

But competitive melee has its rules, and they are made so you can watch videos like this later ^^

DarkTower8052950d ago

Sounds like to me that if there were no "core" players, there wouldn't be any players at all. These guys should be congratulated for keeping the game alive.

Dacapn2950d ago

What ruined the game are the extremely noob friendly game mechanics and the horribly implemented online system. For Nintendo's flagship online title, they dropped the ball hard.

rexus123452950d ago

agree completely.
I remember playing GC's smash bro at my friend's house way back, and laughing our heads off when I dropped a walking bomb that blew every one (including myself off the stage). It almost convinced me to buy a Wii just for SMBB. The game is no fun without all the craziness and chaos on screen.

Therealspy032950d ago

makes it all seem worth it...cuz it's so obvious. and no matter how oblivious you choose you bleed noob.

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na-no-nai2950d ago

i never like items either of course i love playing and of course random stage but most of my favorite stage are like final destination and any flat surface. items are okay if its like healing items

TheAwesomessMan2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Me either. I prefer no items and flat leveled stages. Just to see how good we are with out the help.

But that's just me.

Mo0eY2950d ago

Smash is fun with or without items. Get good, kid.

Seekerofthewind2950d ago

And I agree completely. I have two friends that hate playing on anything but Final Destination with no items, and it pisses me off to no end.

Smash Bros. isn't a traditional fighting game, and I'm tired of people trying to make it a traditional fighting game. The game lets you blast off a giant turtle and an alien that controls little plants with a racecar driver, while a mouse waits to zap you off right after. It's meant to be FUN. WEIRD. Not traditional.

Baka-akaB2950d ago

i dont think it even amounts to smb being a traditional fighter or not (wich indeed it clearly isnt , with the closest thing being anime games clones and powerstone)

I very much doubt they'd be less whiny in a traditional fighting game .
They'd probably find something else to complain about , like , as mentioned below "ring-out" , abuse of "fireball/shoryuken" moves , the fact that not everyone will pick a bottom tiers character to make you feel better , etc etc

The Time Reaper2950d ago

Bomb-ombs only.

Super High Item Drop.

Level random.


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