6 Weirdest Video Game Sidekicks

As opposed to super sidekicks who seem to be at least a decent remnant of their bosses, these video game sidekicks are a little bit stranger. These characters are, at the very least, some of the wackiest video game sidekicks of all time.

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kghapa2854d ago

Does Tingle count as a "sidekick" because seriously...*shudder*

Government Cheese2854d ago

No he was more like a mortal enemy.

darthv722854d ago

they are called: "Hero Support"

almehdaaol2854d ago

Is more of an enemy than a sidekick. I hated saving his ass.

john master lee2854d ago

The "adoring fan" from Oblivion should be on this list. Seriously, what "wackier" of a sidekick than one you can murder multiple times and rob

Kingdom Come2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I remember approuching an Enemy, he (the adoring fan) fled, leaving me to fend of against them. When we reunited soon after, I punched him square in the face for what he had done, I misjudged my characters strength, he flew back (Dead) and landed in some bushes. I fled, as he had done. I felt guilty, but due to my fast travel, the autosave before his death was gone.

Adoring Fan R.I.P

john master lee2854d ago

Yea I did feel pretty guilty, god bless the quick save feature. Haha if you check youtube theres plenty of videos on the most creative "adoring fan" deaths

Kingdom Come2854d ago

Ah "Adoring Fan", how funny you are to kill. :P

Kingdom Come2854d ago

Pokemon wouldn't be Pokemon without Magikarp *Magikarp used Splash*
Daxter, how I hate thee.

DlocDaBudSmoka2854d ago

more like annoying. Sheva from RE5. i hate how she always said 'roger', and 'ok'. idk maybe her voice grated my nerves to no end.

Kingdom Come2854d ago

Always running towards the Executioner and hogging the Sniper :/

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