How to make diabetes fun: Didget for DS

It's called Didget, and it's designed to make the process of testing blood sugar a less tedious experience. More amazing than that, this technology actually came out of one man's basement.

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kghapa3002d ago

So when does the DS dialysis machine come out?

Inside_out3002d ago

Are these guy's for to make Diabetes fun...I see, whats next...Shake, rattle and roll for Cancer...Think you have ADD, lets dance and find out....Headache?...well balance on this board, it's fun...sorry, you have a tumor....Nintendo...where gaming matters...

kingdavid3001d ago

Read the article dude. It sounds like a good way for kids who dont like being tested.

Jesus what do we have to say today for it to be considered unoffensive to someone? (There we go, and now some christian is gonna come and have a go at me most likely).

almehdaaol3002d ago

I wonder if LifeAlert has a game

SteelyPhil3002d ago

there is nothing fun about being diabetic, i can assure you.

kghapa3002d ago

Yea actually, my mom is pre-diabetic for adult onset. While I realize it's very different than this type, I still think creating games like this arent a bad idea. They really need one like this to help educate people not to effin eat horrible crap and get type 2.

That being said, Ive even seen a DS "Quit smoking coach"
Seriously check it out:

john master lee3002d ago

Kind of exists:

Though whether you can get people to play it or listen is another story....

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