Did anyone wait on the Black Wii?

Don't you remember all of the angry fanboys who were disgusted by the color the Wii launched in? The forum posts, comments, and angry e-mails are all finally bearing fruit. Although Nintendo has not officially announced it there are multiple outlets claiming that the Black Wii is coming. I must inquire. Did anyone wait on the Black Wii?

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xHarvey3038d ago

The only game I really like on the wii is Brawl though. Black Xbox,PS3,Wii Ftw lol

kalebgray923037d ago

that had me hyped up.... looks so cool in black...

PlainOldGamer3037d ago

I've been wanting a black Wii since they first showed it. But since I've put in a rather ridiculous amount of hours into Monster Hunter in the past week I'd hate to do it all again. Also if i had an extra 200$ I would rather get games or something else.

N4g_null3037d ago

They say it's bigger too! LOL Sorry had to.

It looks great in other colors also, the dev consoles all come in different colors too. I'm thinking ICe clear with green high lights would be sweet also.

I don't think this is coming out because of complaints though. Nintendo listens to request.

Darkfocus3037d ago

weren't they originally going to launch in black? I think Japan already has it too because around launch they had luigi green and stuff like that in japan.

barakiu3037d ago

on the Gold
Legend of Zelda Wii

Gr813037d ago

A Black one..I wanted a black one from day one.

seinfan3037d ago

I'll never get a Wii. I'm fine with the other two consoles.

Close_Second3037d ago the Wii I simply could not see myself getting one. After a couple of hours they switched it off and didn't go back to it.

I still cant understand why its such a hit!?!

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