Eye of Judgement Trailer

One of the games shown at E3 which stood out as different was Eye of Judgement, although this was briefly announced before, not much was known about it, however we can now provide you with a E3 Factsheet which should shed a little more light on how this game works and if that is not enough for you then also check out the brand new E3 trailer below.

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tehcellownu3970d ago

awesome!! love the trailers...

sony fan3970d ago

I sure am glad we are not into gimmicks here at sony.

360Sheep3970d ago

yup no gimmicks here, just innovative interaction between player tv screen via the eye, but 360 does have those big button pads, that are identical to playstation 2's, pretty innovative stuff at the 360 camp... baaaaa baaaaa sony fan... baaaaaa

Parlivus3970d ago

This site is going down the pan rather quick, I really do wish there was more active moderation of the "fanboy" element to the site, its not constructive to hear "sony is gay", "xbot lolzcopters" and the like, and if I hear about the vastly over-inflated issue of the "red rings of death" I think I'm going to scream.

Its a games console, get over it. You play games on them, its not as if you're associated or own shares in either of the companies, is it? You should be glad theres some competition between the two to drive things forward, it'd be fairly stagnant industry if there was only one major games console.

I feel dirty even using the word "fanboy".

Alymon3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Judgment is not spelled "Judgement".

wotta3970d ago

Ah Agreed, Also sorted on the main story anyway. :)

Alymon3970d ago

I commented over on their site as well =)

Parlivus3970d ago

wow nextgen Geekamon, sorry I mean Pokemon.

Doesn't float my boat, but I'm sure half the world will go mad for it.

Asylumchild3970d ago

What is preventing you from reachign into your deck and pulling otu your strognest card when playign aganst soemone online... Seriously?
I can not wait for this game but what is preventing you from cheating that bad? Because when you would play head to head wit ha friend they would see the cards in your hand. With this if there isent a way to prevent that it will ruin the game.