Win a Free Trip to London from Sherlock Holmes VS. Jack the Ripper

GFB writes: "Our friends at Dreamcatcher and JoWooD Entertainment are celebrating the launch of Sherlock Holmes VS. Jack the Ripper for the Xbox 360 in the best fashion possible - by giving gamers a chance to visit the home of Sherlock Holmes and experience everything London has to offer. Check this out!

*note: Contest is held by the game's publisher Dreamcastcher Interactive LLC and is open to all gamers, not just Xbox 360 or game owners*

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GunShotEddy2945d ago

Forget the trip. Can I win the girl?

VG_Releaser2945d ago

How about both. haha - I want the trip. Going to London would be really cool since I've never been off of North America. Been to Canada and both US coasts though.

Optical_Matrix2945d ago

From my house it takes a £5 , 45 minute train journey to get into London so I think I'll pass haha, but can I have the hot girl instead?