Is Pachter Wrong Again?

Ironstar writes; "There have been a lot of rumors going around involving a Playstation 3 version of Splinter Cell Conviction. Recently Michael Pachter even predicted that the game would release on PS3 by stating, "Ubisoft gets it, probably a minimum six months, perhaps year exclusivity on 360, but you will see those games on PS3 as well." We have seen a lot of evidence that supports these rumors, but a tweet from Ubisoft says otherwise."

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xXRight3yeXx3005d ago

He's an idiot so why should i care? Anyway, if it was on ma PS3, i wouldn't buy it. It would most probably suck.

lociefer3005d ago

And again, and again, and again

Blaze9293004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Ha that box art does look mighty good with PS3 touch...I'm just saying.


BeaArthur3004d ago

I didn't even read what it was about (assuming Splinter Cell: Conviction by the picture), as soon as I saw the title I already knew the answer was yes.

Inside_out3004d ago

I doubt anybody in the industry would even talk to this guy...he reads the same articles we all do...

From a sales point of view...the game should come out on all platforms....

StanLee3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The law of averages dictates that he'll be right sometime and while I wouldn't usually bet on Pachter being right about anything, I think this may be that time when the law of averages plays its hand.

DJexs3004d ago

He is a weather man of the industry it is ok if he is wrong in my opinion there is nothing wrong with an educated guess.

Reibooi3004d ago

"I hope Michael Pachter has some very serious inside information on this subject because from the looks of it Ubisoft is not letting up on the fact that Splinter Cell Conviction is exclusive to the 360 and PC."

Yeah and neither did ANY of the other developers who had their games come to PS3 after the fact. It's part of the contract. Would you want the developer saying Oh yeah there will be a PS3 version so you can just wait if you want. No MS wants people to think it's a exclusive for as long as possible but as soon as the contract expires BOOM there will be news left and right from Ubi that the game is coming to the PS3.

This game in particular should be a prime game to come to PS3 due to it's development. It's a known fact the game had trouble and at one point was completely scrapped. That's why the game took so long and with that being the case it must have been expensive to make and thus being on the PS3 eventually is a good idea for Ubi.

solar3004d ago

so he was right once?? highly doubt that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3004d ago

xXRight3yeXx that doesn't stop you from wishing for it in the comment section every time a new rumor pops up about it going to the PS3.

BkaY3004d ago

gaming analyst my azz.... he is not been right for ONE thing ONE god damn thing..


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cobraagent3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Maybe this is a rare exception to the rule "Pachter predictions are wrong"

Chucky20033005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

The game will come on PS3,i didn't know that twitter now is a real source of information

ThaTruthMVP3005d ago

It did come straight from the developer...

gaffyh3004d ago

@above - Even then, it most likely will come to the PS3. Remember all those times 2K said Bioshock was exclusive to 360?

You know the rest...

IdleLeeSiuLung3004d ago

yeah, but I don't know if Bioshock was exclusive by contract with MS or if it was because the PS3 was still just trickling into the market?

gaffyh3004d ago

@Idle - If it wasn't exclusive by contract, 2K would have announced Bioshock for PS3 as soon as they could. They announced it almost exactly 6 months after the 360 version, so definitely seems like they had a deal with MS there.

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Colonel-Killzone3005d ago

End of the day it doesn't matter ps3 owners have to many good games to be worry about whether splinter cell will be coming to the ps3. People are to busy playing god of war 3 to worry about if patcher is wrong or not lol.

UltimateIdiot9113004d ago

Not just PS3. If you own a PSP, more reasons like MGS:PW, KH:BBS, and VC2, you'll probably never get to SC:C.

ElementX3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Typical douchebag response. "We have blah blah blah and this and that and who cares about Splinter Cell?"

As a PS3-owner (except DSi) I can say your argument is bullsh!t. It has been used countless times years ago and it's extremely cliche and pathetic. Splinter Cell games are typically pretty cool, to dismiss them because you have something "better" is just plain stupid. God of War 3 only lasts so long. April is basically a dead month for video game releases. Conviction is the one game I wish I could play but I can't since I don't own a 360. You should drop your fanboyism and accept the fact that the competition can have decent games without bring up the fact that PS3 has such and such game. Grow the f#(k up.

BTW learn proper English, your profile has about 100 grammatical errors and makes you look even more like a douche.

BkaY3004d ago

"BTW learn proper English, your profile has about 100 grammatical errors and makes you look even more like a douche."

i just checked his post. i can write better English than him and English is my fifth language.


Roper3163005d ago

better question would be.....

Will Patcher ever be right?

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