The hottest five games that will blow you away in May 2010

If you think gaming won't get any better this year, you are absolutely wrong. May is shaping up to be the strongest month thus far with games that will drain your money out of your pockets in no time.


Update: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be released in June 2010 in the US and the rest of the world not May. The game will be released this month in Japan and I’m very excited for the game that’s why I thought it will be released next month. I have added ModNation Racer to the list and removed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker from the list. Sorry for the error.

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alaa2918d ago

Most of not all games that are going to be released in May are must buy exclude the new Prince of Persia game, it doesn't look that good.

hardcore19122918d ago

The new Prince of Persia game looks average.

kratos1232918d ago

wow look how good MGS is it can rank up with all these major next gen juggernauts i want this game soooo bad damn this summer cant come to soon enough also p3p and kindom hearts bb my psp is gonna go overtime

immortal842918d ago

will be the highest rated game this year. The game is almost perfect. Also, Peace Walker will give a huge boost to PSP sales. Kojima and his team worked hard on this game. It will deliver.

Inside_out2918d ago

Alan wake at the top for me...the trailer is insane, even with the soft narration for the non gamer types...

Red dead redemption looks incredible...some of the best graphics Ive seen and terrific multi-player modes....serious threat for GOTY if the story can hold the ranchers for the 100th time could get

MGS for the PSP looks good...have a psp 3000...they really need another stick for these things...this might be the title to buy day one on psp...why doesn't someone add a screen to a controller already...I'll pay top price for a hand held with 2 joysticks...

lelo2play2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

For me:

1,2-Alan wake/Red Dead Redemption (take your pick)
3-Lost Planet 2
4,5-Split-Second/Blur (take your pick)
6-Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (doesn't look that great)

Rest... don't care. If i had a PSP, probably be interested in MGS.

tinybigman2918d ago

Mario Galaxy 2
ModNation Racer
Red Dead Redemption (never played the first and after watching vids off psn i'm quite excited for this game)
Lost Planet 2 (hated the first but after playing demo i was sold)
3D Dot Game Heroes

ArmrdChaos2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

A lot of serious programming went into it...should be amazing.

"save the ranchers for the 100th time could get tedious"

That is the beauty of the game...who ever said that you had to SAVE the ranchers? =]

vhero2917d ago

Red dead looks okay probably the worst out of the bunch I think its getting more hype than it deserves because its a rockstar game.

Commander TK2917d ago

Well, a lot of Rockstar's games r loved by millions

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Xi2918d ago

It looks kinda boring.

Mario galaxy 2 and alan wake will likely make my list.

immortal842918d ago

"I could care less about red dead.
It looks kinda boring."

Are you serious? Red Dead Redemption has a very good chance of being 2010 game of the year. The game is doing everything perfectly.

Fishy Fingers2918d ago

"I could care less" is a nonsensical expression. It implies that you DO care, because you COULD care less.

Is it an American thing or something? Because the saying is usually, "I couldn't..."

MeatAbstract2918d ago

Even though I agree with you Immortal, RDR does look awesome, I can understand why people would be put off by it.

To look at it from a cynical point of view, its GTA without cars, decent guns and no civilization anywhere. People that also got hyped about GTA often complained it was too boring as well. You can clearly see the similarities between the two games and you can know the game will follow a similar structure to other GTA game. 'Go here, kill that guy, claim reward'.

I also get put off by Rockstars approach to some journalists. The email Rockstar sent to a certain website saying when they write about the game they should be saying it revolutionary, its going to be different ect ect I find off putting. Even in the adverts, the gameplay trailers when they're telling you about the gameplay, its just GTA set in the wild west in which half of the time you'll be spent on horseback making your way across the open map.

Yes, some gamers will be put off by this, espicially if they were dissapointed with GTAIV. But I personally think it'll be good. It seems to have a lot of atmosphere and I loved the old western films as a kid so this is a must buy for me.

cpuchess2918d ago

Mario Galaxy over Red Dead Redemption????? I guess so if your 8 years old...

dc12918d ago

you have succeeded in your attempt to gather fame ..and attention.
or,.. you're 11 years old..
(no offense to our 11 year old gaming population....O_o)

Jack-Pyro2918d ago

Damn straight we use nonsensical statements, we also don't use the letter 'U' when we write Colour....or should I say Color. Now get back to your Fish and Chips!!!!

XD, jk

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Myze2918d ago

I would put Modnation Racers above Lost Planet 2, by a long shot. Other than that though, this looks like a good list for a great month.

2918d ago
Milky2918d ago

no Modnation Racers. Dislike list.

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