SFG Approves Ban on Sale of Mature Games to Minors

Southern Fried Gamer writes: While we disapprove of censorship as a whole, children fall under a different category. We feel that we must agree with the new law that is being ruled on by The Supreme Court in favor of banning the sale of explicitly violent and mature video games to children.

Sadly, in today's society, some parents have become less involved in their children's lives and hobbies, and in no other medium is this more true than the gaming industry. In a perfect world, this law would not be an issue; however this is not a perfect world. The fact is that parents just aren't doing their job in regulating what their children watch, play or read.

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Gandalf3002d ago

I've never been so happy.

N4g_null3001d ago

There goes a good %50 of HD console sales, the party is officially over.

-Alpha3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

The most violent game I played as a child included GTA 1 when I was like 8 or so years old. Played GTA 3 when I was around 13.

I think I ended up just fine. But video games today are nowhere near what they used to be. On one hand I feel like a hypocrite approving of a ban, on the other I find it entirely necessary.

I think it's best for a ban. I really can't stand a lot of the kids that play M rated games but at the same time I have friends that are young that play MW2. I suppose the question is how young is too young.

I am absolutely against an 8 yr old playing MW2, but really can care less about a 13 yr old doing the same. Kids tend to fuse themselves into the culture and "adult" aspects of life to the point that a ban is somewhat pointless, yet an M-rated game would still be off limits to a 14 or 15 yr old. Either way I doubt this will stop anyone from really playing a game if they want to. I don't even care, as long as I get the freedom to play what I want I'm good.

ilikecookies3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

you have to think about how pointless this is. How many kids parents don't care what they play? I'm 19 years old so I can play what ever I want but at 13 or 14 years old I was playing rated M games and buying them and my mom knew I was playing them. It's not so much as to what the game exposes them too, its about how the parents do the parenting. Yea the game might have an affect on the child but the parent can stop that from happening. The parent is supposed to teach the child right from wrong. This censorship will not stop the "whiny" kids from being online either so you shouldn't grace about won't even shorten the amount because they will just make their parents buy the game for them.

Think about how pointless this is...all it does is make the parent or "parent" go with them to the store and buy the game for them.

P.S this isn't directed at anyone its a general comment

N4g_null3001d ago

Alpha I turned out fine also LOL but many didn't. Face it even when you look at the console wars and the fanboys many are just sheep.

Another thing is why are XXX cartoons and porn sold to kids, Oh wait it's not right, right? This is not really censorship is it? The kids could still buy it, they could get an older bother to buy it right. Censorship is when your voice can not be heard period.

Also why can't kids smoke or buy booze? Oh some one said it was bad. Do you know what post war syndrome is? Imagine a kid not really caring about respect and other peoples opinions. Imagine them acting like brats, example abox 360 live and many new PS3 fans.

What is sad is these games do not teach sportsmanship and actually encourage often minds gib fun. Like spamming and ganging up on other players and even other peoples opinions on post boards.

I think this is needed. Most people who would act this way here at N4g would not dare do it in real life. I think it's safe to say that about violent gaming also but there is nothing like gaming with adults only in an adult game. Certain skills come to mind that most kids don't understand like team work.

Another thing these kids not being able to buy this games will kill off violent games just for the sake of being violent though. Another thing is this could actually increase sales, I mean really is the porn business hurting from such a thing what about smokes or booze?

ilikecookies3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Okay it really isn't censorship I guess it was for lack of a better word but like you and alpha I turned out fine also...but it's not just the games is my point. It's the parents too who need to teach their kids. There are parents who let their kids do what ever they want and they pay no mind to the child and when the kid kills someone the mom is like omg why did my son do this he was never violent or aggressive...HELLO maybe cause you never payed attention to your damn son?

And this law really doesn't stop anything it just stops the kids from buying it on their own which most likely they will STILL buy it. This law doesn't say they aren't allowed to play it. It just simply bars minors from buying games that are rated M for mature so regardless you will still have those annoying brats online.

While there is nothing like a fun game with mature people I have seen 30 year old's online and in either system because I own both the ps3 and xbox360(and they are there in both systems) and they can be just as immature as the 9 year olds. In fact I have encountered 14 year old kids more mature than some 20+ year old's.

N4g_null3000d ago

Yeah you can't really stop stupid cookie monster. Hey but with so many kids playing online it sort of opens the door for older people to act like them.

Another thing is the rise of the violent video game has led to the decline of gaming in general. You have some people that will only play violent games period. So any thing that stops that is fine with me.

I'm not for banning kids from stuff but parents do it all the time, this is just an extension of it since the state will end up raising countless kids over there any way due to gangs and what not.

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rasar11123002d ago

I agree wholeheartedly with you Alpha-Male22, I hate any form of censorship, but at the same time feel that this ban is needed, as a gamer I feel that I am almost betraying my fellow gamers, however as a mother I am standing up for what is right by my children and they will win every time.

Nuclearwinter3002d ago

While I hate playing with whiny voiced, racist, foul mouthed little brats online with a burning passion of a thousand dying suns. I don't believe any form of censorship is just, for any reason at all. If you say "Well ok just this one time.", what's going to stop them when the next big moral panic scapegoat comes along wanting to ban that "to protect the kids"? Nothing. We already traded away enough of our rights and freedoms for a false sense of security. We don't need to give them more for a pointless ban that won't keep the games out of the kids hands. They'll just do the same thing teens did back in the day for beer, they got someone who could buy it to do it for them.

Mahr3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

They came first for Manhunt 2... and I didn't speak up, for I was not interested in terrible game design.

Then they came for the breasts in The Witcher... and I didn't speak up, for I was not a pervert.

Then they came for the M-Rated games aimed at minors... and I didn't speak up, because I was not 16.

Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to speak up.

-Alpha3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

How can you say no censorship is just?

I'd rather not expose a kid to pictures of the Holocaust, or show them porn. That's censorship that I approve of. I think it's far more important for a kid to be a kid than to have them exposed to things of that nature. There is a reason why children are considered innocent and that is because they are censored. In due time censorships are lifted. Restrictions exist for good reasons. I'm not a fan of censorship, but you cannot think that it's not needed for age groups. Censorship IS needed but it's a complicated manner that requires thinking.

Also, the issue is not black and white. Just because you censor one thing under one circumstance doesn't mean anything can be censored and doesn't mean you shouldn't censor in fear of it. That's a slippery slope.

Anyways, I do think censorship is needed for young children. I just question how young is young. A 12 yr old, 16 yr old and 8 yr old are all considered minors but none of them are of equal maturity.

ilikecookies3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

They will do the same thing teens still do to get beer and liquor and that's get someone to buy it for them. *COUGH COUGH ME COUGH COUGH*

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ia_studio3002d ago

that's why mature ratings where set in the first place, though I hope for more E games that have as much quality like littleBigPlanet or modnationracers.

Saryk3002d ago

I have mixed feeling about this ban. But as long as I can buy games that are Mature for myself, I don’t have a problem. And the only reason I say this is because I have seen some terrible parents. But this ban is not going to cure these kids from getting these games, most parents would get them anyway.

ilikecookies3002d ago doesn't stop anything but the kids buying them alone. So what's the point if it really doesn't make a difference in the end?

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