8.0 Nier Review

Nier is a game that experiences some definite highs and some unfortunate lows. It features an exceptional story, with a standout cast and one of the best soundtracks from the last decade. However, the impact of this is somewhat hindered by graphics which just feel sub-par and some bizarre gameplay choices which are scattered throughout the game. They really hold Nier back from being a very special game, but even with those faults, Nier is a game that's easy to recommend - it's really a hidden gem and one that fans of this type of game should embrace without a second thought.

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Sanrin3032d ago

Pretty neat, I was hoping this would be at least decent enough to rent.

mephman3032d ago

It's definitely worth a rent, if not more.

Selyah3032d ago

It seems kinda long enough to warrant a purchase over a rent

Selyah3032d ago

Sounds actually quite compelling, the story sounds awesome.

Kioran3032d ago

I love stories with books in them!

Evildoomnerd3032d ago

Theres no such thing as too many Action RPGs in my opinion!

VileAndVicious3032d ago

I gotta say Im actually pretty suprised...
Didnt expect it to get such a high score. It might be worth checking out after all.

ironcreed3032d ago

I have been all over this game and knew it would be an under the radar gem. Just picked my copy up for PS3. Cannot wait to experience it, myself.

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