Dead to Rights: Retribution | GAC Pack DLC incoming

Ex: "Dead To Rights: Retribution is now available nationwide for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Namco is also increasing the longevity by releasing a fairly priced "GAC Pack" DLC on June 1st at only 400 Microsoft points (or about $5). The content will include two completely different modes of gameplay as well as bonus options to enrich the player's experience with the core retail game."

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CrAppleton3007d ago

400 points is pretty cheap for DLC these days. nice!

shadowdancer3007d ago

Yea, new mission, new mode and some weapons for 400? Sure, I might bite. If the game doesn't suck :-)

teedogg803007d ago

I picked up this game a few hours ago and.....all I can say is meh. It gets kinda fun when you get used to the controls though, which by the way suck. I'd give it about a 7. I also recommend renting before buying.

killyourfm3007d ago Show