E3 2010: Natal, Zelda 2 and PS Move for sure - any surprises?

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo already told the audience what to expect at E3 shows 2010. Sony to show PlayStation Move, Microsoft to present Project Natal and Nintendo reveals Nintendo 3DS. But is there still room for sursprises. Videogameszone thinks yes. They are hoping for Xbox 360 Slim, Killzone 3 and Wii 2 announcements.

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sub852888d ago

Halo Reach campaign! :)

Fierce Musashi2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

You know them. They are likely going to make 2010 an unforgetable bash, for all the right reasons.

Gandalf2888d ago

Zelda 2, wtf? Isn't Zelda on its 15th game right now?

Fierce Musashi2888d ago

Lol I think they mean for the Wii.