Spawn Kill Review: Red Steel 2

Dave "Snarkasaur" Stewart of Spawn Kill unsheathes his WiiMote and gets bloody in this western-meets-samurai action slash em up. It's no true sword simulator, but it's the best we've got. Check out the full review for the down and dirty.

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rrquinta2885d ago

I definitely want to give this a try eventually.... but right now I'm in Monster Hunter land lol.

N4g_null2884d ago

The game and the art style rocks. It has a button similar to Brink that lets you jump climb and what ever. You can destory almost any thing and it's actualy encouraged. The graphics are really really good. The boss designs and game play are pretty cool also. Unlocking the moves makes the games feel new every time you do it because it changes the games play. The HVS guys really need to play this game, this is what we've wanted for a while.

Also any one wanting a real sword fighting game needs to try out for a college fencing team and realize they would get their azz kicked so badly.

Also Waggle will get you killed in this game, don't you just love that LOL.

K-Tuck2885d ago

Assuming I had a Wii of my own, this is one of a few games I would want to try.

tigresa2884d ago

I liked the first one ... That and Zelda were my launchies for the Wii. I like the stylisticalismz of RS2 a bit more I think. It fits the game well. Color me intrigued.