Fallout 3 uncovered - New details

Further information on Bethseda's RPG Fallout 3 has emerged in this month's 360-gamer mag.

This month's 360-Gamer mag has revealed further details and the extent of the violence within the game, which apparently is so blatant that it's hilarious to watch. One scene they describe sees you shooting a mutant in the head and then watching his 'severed eye' roll across the floor! There's also mention of many frantic shoot-outs with mutants.

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DirtyRat3934d ago

no new details in that article really.

MK_Red3934d ago

I want to see those gory moments in action. Hopefully they use some kind of GHOUL violence to match original Fallout 1/2's gory deaths.

i Shank u3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

the newest GI magazine had cover story on this. said the game will be rated M, for Mutants gibbing everywhere. check out this ones head exploding
i havent played the originals, gonna try to get it today actually, but these deaths look pretty gory, no?

i Shank u3933d ago

that right there sold me on this game. boom