Lens of Truth: Super Street Fighter 4 Video Comparison

Lens of Truth writes, "The Lens of Truth was given the opportunity to play Super Street Fighter IV early, thanks to Play N Trade, Lake Mary Fl. We reviewed the original Street Fighter IV over a year ago, which finally proved that Street Fighter looks awesome in its 3D form. So the question remains does Super Street Fighter IV have what it takes to keep the genre fresh? Watch the video and read on to see how the newest Street Fighter fares under our lens."

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Sea_Man3038d ago

Why is this reported as Lame?Are you serious man? Great Article LOT people like Blaze929 just ignore...

Kuzo3038d ago

Some people find comparisons pointless. But Blaze is being ignored by 80 people. So his opinion doesn't mean much. I look forward to these comparison.

Hanif-8763038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Just gimme Marvel VS Capcom 3 and i'll be ok :-)

The Maxx3037d ago

"Its good to see that Capcom fixed the PS3 version, now it loads faster than the Xbox360 like it should of been before!"

I wonder what the load time differences would be if SSFIV was installed onto the HDD on the 360?

IdleLeeSiuLung3037d ago

I think LoT should make a comparison of games installed on the hard drive on the 360 as well.

If you allow one to be installed (in some cases this is optional), then you should consider the other that is always an option!

Biggest3037d ago

The 20 million Xbox 360 Arcade buyers are wondering what a hard drive is.

darthv723037d ago

two trends that have ruined gaming this gen. Some may like them but for what reason. If you have your mind set on getting a game then no manner of comparison is going to change that.

Those with only one console shouldnt even be worried as there is a version for their system thus the "comparison". Those with both should not try and justify their purchase of one over the other because of the littlest bit of difference.

Say it with me just doesnt matter. Those who think it does are insecure in their console purchase to begin with. Sorry to rant but today has not been a good day for me. Lets leave the petty differences aside and just play the damn games.

Army_of_Darkness3037d ago

"The 20 million Xbox 360 Arcade buyers are wondering what a hard drive is."

AAHAHAHA! you make a funny!

I could just be seeing things, but the PS3 version looks more sharper.

badz1493037d ago

graphically, it's nothing special! I don't see the need of comparison at all!

Anon19743037d ago

Back in their comparison of BlazBlue, LOT said that both versions were tied with everything from performance to graphics except for two differences. Load times for the 360 beat the PS3 by mere seconds and the 360's controls were broken.
"Sometimes we would jump, sometimes we would crouch. Every time we would curse."
So, clear win for the PS3, right? Not so fast. They gave the game a tie overall.
I'm sorry, in doing a comparison with a fighting game of all things, seconds in load times don't trump "I can't control my fighter."

There's a few examples of this type of head shaking behavior from LOT.

With fighting games, unless you have a arcade stick DualShock3 > Xbox controller every time. That broken D-Pad on the 360 will always be a deal breaker for me with these types of games.

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GiantEnemyCrab3038d ago

After looking at those screen shots I cannot believe they scored these a tie.

ClownBelt3038d ago

It's a trade that's why it's a tie.

Hanif-8763038d ago

There isn't much difference between the two versions Graphically and performance wise thats why its a tie

Lens Of Truth doesn't do biased :-)

GiantEnemyCrab3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I am not accusing them of bias and I trust their comparisons but I do not agree with this one based on the screen shots. There are some big graphical differences between the 2. The PS3 version is lacking shadows in some of those and the color in general looks dull compared to the 360.

They say the PS3 version is quicker loading but I measure graphics a heck of a lot higher than a few seconds longer to load and not enough to make them a tie.

ClownBelt3037d ago

" the color in general looks dull compared to the 360. "

Not really.

Hallmark Moment3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I agree with this type of game loading should not be a factor in score unless it was unacceptable, this should not be a tie.

IdleLeeSiuLung3037d ago

Although I agree that graphics is more important than loading times when it is miniscule and the graphical artifact such as jagged edges and lower resolution in cutscenes are so visible on the PS3.

With that said, most people don't care about 2 seconds extra or a few jagged edges...

It is always interesting to see what the differences are, but it really doesn't affect your enjoyment of this game.

boodybandit3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

So then I take it you have played both version and saw them with your owns eyes? I have and the only real differences worth mention? The controller in your hand unless of course you are like me and own a wide assortment of fight sticks!

There are a couple extremely minuscule differences but they all even out and wont matter to a gamer!

Although if you don't have a fight stick the PS3 version is a no brainer because of the controller but I learned to be a decent player with the analog stick on the 360 when my son wants me to play with a handicap.

Some of my friends have the PS3 version and some the 360 so I bought both. This game is a blast to play and it appears to run slightly faster than SFIV. Right now my son is playing my 360 version (he only owns a 360) so I am playing it on the PS3. I have it paused in the background but saw this article and couldn't hlep but weigh in from a person that actually has played both versions. Not that this matters to people that want to pretend one is better than the other.

Seriously though. Stop the bickering people and pick up this game. It runs like silk and is so easy to get into and have a great time (8 player lobbies!). Funny thing is I bet most people here giving their opinions not only don't have the game but have no interest in owning or playing it. Did I say funny? I meant SAD!

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Baron793038d ago

Picking this up today for the 360 but only because I have the original for it. I can't wait to use DJ. Great H2H as always.

stealyrface3037d ago

Can't wait to go home and play this... BTW Xbox 360 version for me PSN can't hold a candle to Xbox live.

Soul Train3037d ago

PSN is free, but when you go on PSN, and its like entering a game ghost town, its easy to see why. 360 for multiplayer & multiplat has been the track this train has always took.

Shogun Master3037d ago

Sign me up for FREE anyday!

ClownBelt3037d ago

" and its like entering a game ghost town"

" 360 for multiplayer & multiplat has been the track this train has always took."

Huh? You always play multi on 360, so how the hell did you know that it's a ghost town on PSN? Someone got caught lying...

The Time Reaper3037d ago

I'd rather have a "ghost town" where I can chat with my friends (since we all have headsets) and the occasional polite gamer instead of the childish, whiney, homophobic jerks that seemingly populate every 360 game online. Granted, that IS an issue in all online gaming platforms, but it's kind of silly to call PS3 a "ghost town" when the first thing most people I know do on Live is "Mute All."

Nitrowolf23037d ago

like entering a ghost town?
lol wtf r u talking about

You know for a service that is free, it sure does offer pretty much the same experience as LIVE

Baka-akaB3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

let the fools speak .... after all they are running short of excuse to pay for online gaming , might as well keep lying to themselves about PSN being empty , silent or laggy

MiloGarret3037d ago

It's not a ghost town, but don't lie to yourself people, it is not up to par with live. Live surpasses psn in pretty much every aspect, which it should considering it costs. But if you can afford it and can handle the controller sucking ass for fighting games (or you have a stick) then do yourself a favour and play ssf4 on Live.

Nevermind the rabid fanboys.

I'm getting it for ps3 because I happen to have an arcade stick for my ps3.

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saraphina0173037d ago

truthfully, I was expecting more from this "Super" version, but it still looks fun.

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