5 Ways to Get Games Cheaper (And Still Be Legal!)

DualShockers writes, "In this day and age, spending money frivolously is only for a few, while learning how to save is quickly becoming a must for many. I had never saved much, but I always knew how to be frugal, or a cheap bastard, if ya wanna be a dick about it. In order to save money, I typically deal in used games and I only buy brand new titles if I am a huge fan of the series or it's going to be a great game. I try to limit myself to 1 game every few months, so I can save some money for used games. But in order to limit myself and buy used games, I've had to work on one thing, patience. If you don't have any patience, you can just keep on buying brand new games, but if you think you can wait it out for a few weeks or *gulps* months, keep reading."

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iiprotocolii3036d ago

The best tactic in getting games cheaper is to indefinitely "borrow" one from a friend and "forget" to return it. That seems to be one of the biggest ones, as I've had tons of people do that to me. On another note, this is a good read and has some very good information on how to get games for cheap, which doesn't include modding your console(s) and pirating games. [points finger at you] You know you do it.

AzarVC3036d ago

Haha, I'm guilty of this one.

Hitman07693035d ago

lol i hate that. i'd say number two is to wait until games get old as the author pointed out!

Great read.

IG_DARKSA1NT3036d ago

Great article and some good points. Buying used is cool, but it is hard to wait and sometimes used is so close to new that it doesn't seem worth it.

Chadness3036d ago

If you're looking for cheap used games, GameFly typically has great sales, but unless you're a member you have to pay for shipping, which sometimes negates the point of getting the game so cheap.

Hitman07693035d ago

Awesome, I think as a generation most gamers this gen are smarter about these things. These tips will put you to pro status with efficient game purchasing.

taz80803035d ago

Efficient game purchasing is very important especially for those people who love expensive limited editions.