Remedy set to sell Alan Wake merchandise, boxer shorts included

The Lost Gamer writes:

With the anticipated release of Alan Wake just weeks away, Remedy have today announced that they have opened an Official Store for the title – perfect for all your merchandise needs.

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Elven62706d ago

Some of the stuff like the Mirror Peak and Rain Cove shirts could probably be passed of as legitmiate locations shirts (aka not make you look like a walking billboard).

young juice2706d ago

now i can have alan wake on ma nuts

im gonna be fartin all day

Biggest2706d ago

Is there a copy of a legitimate review in there? I'm more interested in that.

Hallmark Moment2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

But not because you wan't to buy and play the game. You're mad Alan Wake got a good review trying to diminish the first review so you sleep better putting your mind at ease.

I will be buying the T-shirts because they are nice and my avatar has one. The Alan Wake T-shirts will not be associated with gaming because AW is a new IP, most people will think Alan Wake is a designer name brand they have not heard of.

FragGen2706d ago

"A fresh pair of undershorts" sounds like a brilliant pre-order bonus for a horror game.

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rlineker2706d ago

I can be a proper geek now with my video game boxers xD

Seedhouse2706d ago

Oh dear Lord, you're going to buy them? =P

GAM3R7l2706d ago official Alan Wake fleshlight...I mean FLASHlight. :p

DelbertGrady2706d ago

For some odd reason Move came to mind.

jjesso19932706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

and your girlfriend would not find massive turn of if they striped you down and found you wearing boxers advertiesing game.

yep the sad freak thats going buy these not change them to alan wake 2 comes out and has probley never saw pair of tits other than on computer screen or mums or daddys just dissagreed with me.

BeaArthur2706d ago

No thanks, just the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.