Five Reasons I Will Not Purchase a Playstation 3

From the feature editorial:

"For my part, I enjoy approaching video games from a more academic point of view and as any person, gamer or otherwise, can understand each system has it's pros and cons. There are certain things about the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii that make them absolutely excellent systems. However, on the flip side, there will consistently be flaws that either ship with a system or become glaringly apparent over a period of time as a company attempts to adapt a console to an ever-shifting marketplace. Being a proud owner of a 360, a Wii and at one time a Playstation 3, my hope will is that my reasoning will become clear over the course of this piece. Additionally, it should be taken into consideration that I do still own my Playstation 2 and have a huge collection of games for it and it's previous console. But at the end of the day, there were just a few decisions on Sony's part that honestly didn't make me feel comfortable owning their 'latest and greatest' console anymore, and out of that came the top 5 reasons I will not own a Playstation 3."

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UltimaEnder2884d ago

I have an original PS3 and use it so little, did play Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain, plus a little God of War 3; sadly am selling all my Blu-Rays so it may not get as much use anymore; gathering dust unlike the Xbox 360 I have (my Wii gathers even more dust than the PS3)....

zootang2884d ago

Selling all your blu rays? why? have you not got an HD tv?

Shadow Flare2884d ago

Its the only console these days that gets HD games released for it

qface642884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

this whole article is pretty much picking at straws they looked for whatever they could think of then made it into a list

like i said idiots picking at straws

Turion2884d ago

Lack of Backwards Compatibility: So the 360 can play PS2 games?
Playstation Network (Online Gaming:Still looking for my Halo Wars stats.
Updates Removing Features: Happens one time, guess we should all say Live is unreliable for being down a whole week once. Come back when the 360 gets the OtherOS feature
A Half-Assed War on Piracy: lol wtf? PS3 = no piracy. 360 well.....
Following Instead of Leading: *cough* eyetoy *cough*

Two words. That's mental.

ape0072884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

of multiplatform games, I don't know but it seems like the flare of xbox live attracts me more to get the xbox version, it just feels connected all together, more well structured, more refined, achievements are better integrated, I really love my xbox live profile more than psn profile, ms nailed the feeling of "it's mine" plus multiplaform games look little better, bioshock 2 for example, xbox 360 gets majority of my play time recently but you know this my opinion it's all a matter of choice, some other guy could disagree and prefer playing online for free\trophies etc..

FishCake9T42884d ago

Its from
That is all

xXRight3yeXx2884d ago

This man should do himself a favor. A favor that would cost him 299$.

hay2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Wow, this is really low quality article. Most of the points author made are complete nonsense and I'm not sure if they're made up or the author has so poor knowledge about the topic he's writing.

Personally speaking, I don't like Xbox 360. It's loud, hardware is crappy, periferials are too expensive, has games about which I mostly don't care, isn't even close to being HD, is produced by MS(which I don't like also), online play is full of bad language and kids screaming and in overall I think this console sucks.


It didn't prevent me from buying it and playing the hell out of games I'm interested in(Fable 2, Lost Odyssey, Alan Wake[soon], Dead or Alive and more) WHICH(!) leads to conclusion:

Software pushes hardware. If you like some games on one console, buy it. If you can afford it but write retarded articles like that instead of buying it, your freedom of speech should be taken away cause you're spewing BS all around.

Method2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

He could have just said "I hate good video games" and been done with it.

Seriously if you miss out on God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, Gran Turismo 5, Agent, The Last Guardian, Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, and the dozens of other quality titles exclusive to the PS3 you have no credibility as a gamer.

SnuggleBandit2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

'nuff said.

But for those of you who think its not enough here ya go...

5. Ok you have a valid argument here, not gonna lie.

4. Never been disconnected from PSN once. EVER. Stop spreading FUD!

3. Okay, they took away the OS...yes people were angry and righfully so. This move was BS. I agree...but to say they will keep removing key features when otherOS wasn't even a key feature?? C'mon. And BTW, the airforce has been given a special OS idiot, they can keep on supercomputing only on PS3.

2. How exactly is blu-ray half-assed?? Sounds like you are butthurt that you can't ILLEGALLY download games. And then you show your inner fanboy and sony hate by bringing the psp into this when the article is supposed to be about the ps3.

1. LMFAO...what? forget about HDMI, uh HDDVD, uh NATAL, uh your controller, MS game room?? Want me to keep going??

Really dude, weak agument filled with transparent fanboy drivel.

2884d ago
nycredude2884d ago

Wow you are selling all your blurays? For what to go back to the inferior dvds? Do you have a drug/gambling habit or something or more likely just another troll.

-Alpha2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

-You already own a 360
-You don't play video games too often
-You don't have the money
-You don't have the time
-You legitimately aren't interested in any of the games
-Majority of friends play on Xbox

Any combination of those are legit reasons why one may not want to purchase a PS3. I can accept those. But the reasons in the article are terrible.

If you like the games, have the money, have friends that you can enjoy the system with then get the system. Don't make contrived excuses that lack of backwards compatibility or the removal of Linux makes a difference.

Oh well, no skin off my back.

young juice2884d ago

who cares if he doesnt want a ps3 im sure someone is glad to take that last ps3 at gamestop or walmart due to shortages.

i could give you five reasons as to why i dont want him to buy a ps3.

Icyhot2884d ago

Well if I made an article to counter this, then I just have 1 reasoning of not owning a 360..


Inside_out2884d ago

Personally, I think this article is totaly of base...I own all three the games I like...have an informed opinion on most games...but most importantly, My family and I enjoy all the great games on all systems...why would you limit your self to one...I paid a kings ransom for my " Fat Elvis " at 299 its a great deal...360 and wii even better deals on those...

Your missing out on some of the best games ever made...I don't get fanboys...Personally, 360 my favorite...used all the time for everything...BUT I own KZ2, UC2, Raving games if it interests me...When I have my nephews and nieces over along with my kids...the wii gets a beat down...nobody even looks at 360/Ps3...BOTTOM LINE...your missing out....

execution172884d ago

he's ranting just using some stupid excuses to not buy a PS3, i have all 3 system, but my PS3 gets played more then my 360 and wii combined why because of MAG and the exclusives

baum2884d ago

This is all opinion-based garbage.

"Lack of BC". Get a Phat one, but you're an idiot for selling it in the first place. Still, it has PS1 BC, which is better than having Xbox BC. PS1 has better games than the first Xbox.

PSN is a reason not to? It's free and just as good as LIVE. Only idiots justify paying for something that's free elsewhere. Microsoft is laughing all the way to the bank for brainwashing people into believing they're actually paying for something.

"Updates Removing Features", yeah, features that no other console ever had nor that were main selling points. Bring that back when you can do anything with your 360.

"Half-Assed War on Piracy", yeah, that's why PS3 is the only console where you can't play pirated games (yet).

"Following instead of leading". Let's conveniently ignore Home which microsoft is ripping off in a half-assed way, EyeToy where microsoft and Nintendo also followed. You are more convinced by Natal than Move, yet we've seen how precise Move is (and not just as far as movement goes), while Natal is a lafgest.

Is this opinion piece a product of fanboyism? just admit it.

I only need one reason not to replace my 360 for the 5th time, and that is RROD.

Report this article as stupid, people.

Raz2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

A fine, unbiased article...from Planet XBOX360. First off: at one time he owned a PS3? What happened to it? He never explains. And now, his reasons for staying away:

5. No B/C. I can understand that, I was kinda pissed when it got taken out of the new SKUs. But the PS3 library is much bigger now - I've more games than I know what to do with, so I'm not missing the PS2 era much.

4. PSN. A fanboy rant about how 'you get what you pay for' while extolling the virtues of XBL.

3. Updates removing features. Again, I'm in agreement.

2. Half-assed war on piracy. Coming from a 360 fan, this is pretty funny.

1. Following instead of leading. Have you checked the sales lately? And I should point out that Natal is really just a PSEye...which came first.. ;)

Well, that's 2 for 5 - at best.

Mr Logic2884d ago

1. You are an xbox fanboy that writes for an xbox website.

2. You do not enjoy high quality exclusive games.

3. You complain about BC, but in reality will just play PS3 games not PS2 games anyways.

4. You would rather have a console riddled with piracy than lose one feature that is barely used.

5. You are stupid.

mikeslemonade2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

The problem with this guy is he is biased from buying the 360 first. He already built a foundation on 360 by investing in lots of multiplatform games, payed for xbl gold, and then got those achievements.

He didn't do the PS3 justice depite owning one at one point in time. The reasons for NOT owning a PS3 are so lame compared to reasons to why TOO OWN a PS3.

He's literally grasping for straws and overating the problems.

1. PS2 BC is not a big deal that's a feature to play last generation games. With the plethora of current gen games how you have time to go back. He even states he owns a PS2.

2. Piracy, well screw you if you want to buy your media. The PS3 is helping the industry.

3. He argues how PSN sucks, once again he's grasping for straws. PSN matches XBL. There's stuff you can't do on XBL that you can do on PSN.

4. He says Sony follows instead of leads; If he didn't read gaming news he wouldn't know that companys were copying from other companys. It doesn't physically effect your enjoyment on that system. That's like saying Aaron Greenburg makes rediculous comments therefore I will not buy a 360. That's a stupid reason.

5. Update to remove features on PSN is bad; I guess that's a legit reason but it's not like xbl is all fair and square. What about netflix you still have to be a xbl gold member to do netflix streaming on xbox.

I can name "5 reasons to not own 360" which more compelling.
1. Faulty Hardware
2. Very few 1st party games exclusive to only 360
3. XBL gold is $50 msrp
4. XBOX 360 is maxed out since 2007
5. Non-diverse lineup of games that often are the FPS genre, and a lot of rehash sequels with very little new IP releases

WHen you look at my reasons they're more about my ability to play games. It's not about piracy, "who is copying who", and meaningless features that don't amount to current generation gaming.

Arkham2884d ago

"This man should do himself a favor. A favor that would cost him _299$_."

What, buy an Official Harddrive for his 360?

Ha... Ba-dump-bump. ;)

SuperStrokey11232884d ago

Im going to guess that you are the idiot that wrote this right?

Well its garbage and heres why.

5. You can still play ps1 games off disc, no idea what you are talking about and they have never said that you would be able to dl ps2 games, they said they would like to but thats it

4. The online gaming is not inconsistent at all, you are full of BS. If you are on wifi and have crappy internet of course its going to be unstable and slow.

3. It sucks they removed features, i agree. But such is life and Sony has all the right to stop hackers from exploiting their system. It sucks but it sure as hell isnt sony's fault. ANd how about this for removing features, xbox live for the original xbox is dead and gone even though there was literally 0 need to kill it other than to force people to buy a 360.

2. So the reason your not buying a ps3 is because of the psp go? WTF?

1. Following and not leading hey? Are you one of the people that said the wii made you look stupid when you played it waving all around? Well Natal is that x10 and as of right now it doesnt impress me at all. It also is going to lag and cost processing power...

A real and true gamer would never have posted some complete and utter crap as this. Of course a capitalist that wants hits to his page would. You would never see Sev writting something this inflamitory.

rkimoto2884d ago

Sorry, but from the moment somebody says "I enjoy approaching video games from a more academic point of view" and don't play 1/3 of the consoles out there, you're not being academic. You're either just a fanboy or just plain ignorant.

Don't call yourself an academic when you don't even know the term, had you called yourself an Xbox Academic then that would explain it better.

I mean, it's ok if you don't like a certain console, just don't spread FUD and keep your opinions to yourself if they're based in selective truth, or Are you auditioning to work for FOX News?

Alpha said it best, the main reason not to play in a specific console is a combination of not having enough money and having most of your friends in another console. But if you're truly a "gaming student/academic" then you would try out everything, regardless of your favorite gaming platform.

Hope you grow up in a few years!

Statix2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Some of the reasons this idiot cites for not liking the PS3 is just fallacious and pure misinformation; they sound more like his fanboy excuses/justifications for why he would rather support his system of choice, the 360. They also indicate to me that he has never owned a PS3 or at least hasn't used one in a very, very long time.

For example, slow download speeds on PSN? I've downloaded huge multi-gig demos, games, and files from PSN with my decent DSL internet without any problem whatsoever, and with seemingly good speeds. I rarely get disconnected from PSN while I'm playing a game, either--yes it does happen occasionally, but it's a rare occurrence.

When this idiot spouts cliche statements off such as "You get what you pay for with free PSN," it just makes him sound like another typical fanboy (which he probably is), rather than someone expressing his views from an objective, "academic" standpoint. Just because something is a very good value, DOESN'T mean its an inferior product. I mean, PC online gaming is free, but no one has seemed to complain about the quality and performance of that service.

Using his same faulty logic of "you get what you pay for," he probably wouldn't admit that the 360 is a totally piece-of-crap console in terms of hardware, because it's the cheapest system of this generation of consoles by MSRP. I mean, that's according to your fanboy logic of "you get what you pay for," right?

2884d ago
FrankenLife2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Article translation:

"Hi, I'm some dude who writes for a 360 web site. The PS3 just isn't my thing. Since it is a slow news day, I thought that I would say just that in as many words as I can, and call it an article. Maybe it will get on N4G, turn into a flame war, and get me lots of hits. I love the internet."

XxZxX2884d ago

selling ur blu-ray as opposed of what??? Digital Distribution. I tell you DD is the biggest rip off of all times. I can get blu-ray version cheaper than DD at times.

FragGen2884d ago

The number one reason is you can't come up with the extra scratch to buy one.

Get a day job and you won't have to worry about "console wars".

SuperStrokey11232884d ago

Anyone know how to check last time UltimaEnder was on PSN actually? Hes got psn name on his profile so I thought i would ask to see how legit his claim is.

Bubble Buddy2884d ago

Remember these articles from 2006 and 2007? Haha, now they seem desperate for reasons.

OmegaSlayer2884d ago

Finding the time to write down 5 reasons to not buy a console instead of playing games on the console you already have is awully awkward.
Trying to cure your delusional fanboysm with 5 reasons is an assholery.

I'm a PS3 fanboy and I have only one reason to not buy a 360 that is avoiding to support Microsoft.
5, RETARD, reasons is a joke, or a way to desperately gather visits on the website.

unworthyBOZO2884d ago

Its shocking how stupid this article is,why did this get approved.

AliTheBrit192884d ago

Only ever been 2 good reasons for a PS3

1 is Blu-Ray
2 is exclusives, which from around mid 2008 onwards have been pretty good.

Will-UK2884d ago

Some of these reasons are soo poor its unbelievable

A Half-Assed War on Piracy - Crap

Updates Removing Features - One update now you suddenly sony removes everything.

Playstation Network (Online Gaming)- paragraph is utter nonsense

Following Instead of Leading - Reasons given was just simply nonsense.

1/5 of the arguements is only just a reason not to buy a ps3 but the positive outweigh the negative.

HolyOrangeCows2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

"From the"
You mean that trashy site that takes pot shots at the Ps3 and Wii in every one of its articles?

5) Lack of Backwards Compatibility
-Either you paid for the near perfect BC, or you didn't get it at all. With the 360, you can't always be certain a title will be BC. Not to mention, many of the xbox originals play with an incredibly choppy framerate and freezes often (eg KotoR 2).
Crazy idea; buy a Ps2, have complete BC.

4) Playstation Network (Online Gaming)
-I download stuff at almost the same speed on my PS3 as my 360. And that's with my 360 hooked up wired and my Ps3 wireless, a story above the router.
"That is unless they're still too busy screaming about Uncharted 2 from the rooftop"
Obvious Xbox fanboy is obvious. Change that to "Halo Reach" and you have the flip side.

3) Updates Removing Features
-If bought PS3 for a Linux machine, I feel sorry for you. 90% of the Ps3's hardware is locked up while using it. You may as well run Linux on a 10 year old laptop.

2) A Half-Assed War on Piracy

1) Following Instead of Leading
-Okay, enjoy wasting $50 a year to get features a little sooner. I play games, not Netflix.

CrazzyMan2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I just can`t imagine a GAMER, which wouldn`t buy PS3 for 199$ or less.
And PS3 is going cost 199$ somewhere in 2011-2012.

And for 199$ you will get AMAZING PS3 exclusives, GREAT HD media player and still FREE online gaming.

I think, when PS3 will stop being produced, there will be over 100 mln. PS3 sold worldwide.
I mean, MGS4, Un1, Un2, LBP, DS, GoW3, HR, MS1,2, R&C1,2, R1, R2, HS, VC, D3, InF, KZ2, MAG, WKC, Y3, Y4 + incoming GT5, AGENT, FFXIIIv and many other PS3 games, which will be released in 2010, 2011, 2012 and maybe later.
How could a GAMER ignore so many HIGH quality PS3 exclusives?

WildArmed2884d ago

So basically coz your a fanboy of Microsoft you won't buy a ps3?

well good, we dont need any more whiny people on psn.

It's the other way around.
I get alot of bluray movies (esp. thanks to Netflix!)
I havn't bought a DVD in God knows when.

My 360 was land touched for ME2, which was awhile ago.
I'mma pick up SC:C soon for the 360 though. That game looks awesome.
But as it stands its either Red dead or SC:C.
So i'm waitin on Red Dead reviews.
It's not the consoles fault, it's personal preference.
But be sure, come this fall, all I'm going to be playing is Halo Reach for quite awhile.. Till then i'mma probably stick to Mag/WKC to hold me off.
Which is why the author of the article sounds retarded when he makes dumbass statements like 'following not leading'... 'Removing features'

stfu, 90% of the owners dont even know about the dead OS feature..
the author definitely belongs on that site.
Hopefully i'll never have to read another word about ps3 from him.

Megaton2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

UltimaEnder's really been pulling up the slack left by the other mult account 360 fans who vanished after reality settled on their "FFXIII 360 > PS3" parade.

It's laughable that people believe XBL is the better place to play online games just because you pay for it. What's the secret to online gaming that Microsoft has cracked? They're the only ones who charge, so it must be extra special fairy dust interwebs they provide, right? I spent approximately 2 years on the PSN versus roughly 2 months on XBL. In all that time, I've easily experienced twice as much lag on XBL. Hell, Battlefield 1943 isn't even playable half the time I try. Utterly brainwashed zombies, throwing your money down the sh*tter for inferior online play. Baffling, really.

ShinRyuHadoken2884d ago

'Five Reasons I Will Not Purchase a Playstation 3'

I got 1 reason why you not buy a PS3. Cause you are a die hard 360 fanboy with a tunnel vision.

sikbeta2884d ago

Five Reasons:

1· I'm da Sony Haterz
2· I'm da xboxz fanboy making an "article" for [lol]
3· Sony killed da Segaz
4· eh....mmmm.... "da døøømedZZZZ&quo t;
5· ZZZZZ..... "da døøøøø ;medZZZZZZ"

Buttons2884d ago

At least the PS3 HAD these features to begin with, so shut the hell up.

Additionally, all of these points in the article can be twisted and manipulated to say the same BS about the 360

darthv722884d ago

I generally buy all consoles when they get released. I can honestly say I have been buying more games for my 360 than ps3. Mostly because I prefer the 360 and the live interface to the xmb (personal choice, dont hate).

PS3 has great games and yet 360 also has great games. I tried to play them equally but as others can attest to, at some point you tend to gravitate to one more than the other. For me it has been the 360. Not going to lie but I am not going to trash talk the ps3 or those who only have a ps3.

I would like it if those who only have a ps3 could show the same respect and not trash talk the 360. That is a big favor to ask but it would be nice to game in peace.

ape0072884d ago

for Ape007's opinion

you know guys, I wish that a great site like n4g have great users like gametrailers, gamespot etc...

to be 100% honest, when I read gamespot user comments, I really see fully respected well rounded rational game debate but when I read n4g comments, it's like babies crying all night

WildArmed2884d ago

I'm sure you can do better man.
Think my record stands on 152 =/
I dont even think we have that many unique accounts on N4G.

Plus, about the disagrees, it shouldn't bother you. Some people disagree w/ one statement in your post and they hit disagree.
Like.. My name is ape..
Now you can give me a disagree, coz my name isn't ape ^^

Boody-Bandit2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

This isn't an article but a fanboy rant written by an AHOLE looking for attention. This isn't a legit article and has zero value. Seriously why does crap like this get approved for the gamer zone members to endure.

If you (N4G) are going to allow garbage like this at least divide the article zones like you do the posting areas. This article belongs for those that dwell in the open zone and not in the gamer zone.

@UltimaEnder Do everyone a favor and sell your PS3, all your games, all your Blurays and go cry to some mindless flag waving fanboy that wants' to hear you BS. Like the 17 idiots that agreed with you. Leave gaming to the gamers and nonsense to the little pathetic fanboys and trolls. Maybe some day you might actually enjoy playing video games instead of spewing nonsense on gaming sites trying to get attention. People like you are a waste of bandwidth.

DarkSpawnClone2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

this is stupid as hell,these people don't want a ps3 so they have to go write an article about why they don't want one,thats really lame on there part.if you don't want a ps3 fine don't get one but you don't need to have a whole article about it,idiots lol.this article is 100% BS a person who probably doesn't have a ps3 and never used other OS feature complaining about it being removed ?! WTF, lmao and worst reason is because Sony wants to stop piracy(yes because thats a reason not to buy a ps3/s) no backwards compatibility is a retarded reason not to buy a ps3 i would think you would buy a ps3 for new games but thats just me maybe I'm just crazy thinking that(how hard is it to hook up a ps2),this article epic fails and is full of 360fanboy BS.nice try but you fail.

jadenkorri2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

and i thought we were past they idiotic articles. I guess Avatar got the 360 fanboys in a stir...

I really want to know why you would write an whole article why you don't want "name product"... I'm not going to write an article of why I don't want an ipad or an iphone, its just pointless, so why write an article on why you don't want a ps3. Did sony shoot your dog or something, I could understand if sony did something like that, you would have a legitimate reason to hate them.

DaTruth2884d ago

Ps3 already has too many games! That is it. No sense in buying a new console when I don't get around to all the games I want on my current console.

I don't even get around to renting games that I can't find the time to buy and play enough to justify the purchase.

This article is not a piece designed to express an opinion like the author pretends. It is an article designed to try and convince others not to buy a PS3.

bjornbear2884d ago


you have a serious sexually related addiction regarding people's negative reactions to the articles you write

people, stop attacking ultima, he doesn't understand what is going on, he just does it for pleasure

the more zealous you are, the more aroused he gets

stop harassing him or hair will grow on the palms of his hands!! =O

HSx92884d ago

Five Reasons I Will Not Purchase an Xbox 360

2. Large Brick
3. Errors
5. Non HD Games
6. Have to pay to play online.

wait that's 6....

solidjun52884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

whoever wrote and/or submitted this idiotic tripe should be banned and his contributor privileged revoked. What a crock of a reporting system. It's virtually useless. You'll have 40 or so lame/spam reports and it still gets approved. What's the point?

jjohan352884d ago

What did you guys expect from a website called

Enigma_20992884d ago

.. that's all that needed to be said... you get a cookie...

Chubear2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

looks like someones going through a grieving cycle and has just started phasing out from part one and moving unto phase two.

denial (check)
anger (.... downloading)

Heisenberg2884d ago

He just talked himself out of buying a bad åss console.

NewZealander2884d ago

i could list good and bad points about both consoles, i own and enjoy both the ps3 and 360, i play on the 360 a lot more then ps3, but i still get to play the best games on ps3 like uncharted 2 and god of war 3, multi plats i usually get for xbox though.

im sick of articles like this, from a xbox site no less, its about time people got over the whole fanboy wars, enjoy both consoles for what they offer, it should be obvious by now both 360 and ps3 are here for the long haul, but why spend the whole gen b1tching when theres all these awesome games to play?

Alvadr2884d ago

The 5 reasons are

-No Bacward Compatabilty
-PSN Network, online gaming disconnects
-Updates remove features
-Half-assed war on piracy
-Following instead of leading

Now I could pritty much give a sack full of argument against everyone of those reasons, however the biggest pile of crap is the last one.

Are they following everyone else with games like Heavy Rain, The last guardian, Little Big Planet, MAG, Flower etc..?? The system has more 1st party exclusive than any other platform.

Shame this dude feels like he should miss out. Typical list from a typical fanboy.

BattleAxe2884d ago

Simple put, this article was written by a b*tch.

JD_Shadow2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

5. Umm, what is it about this subject that no one else exactly understands. The PS2 is still selling, and games still come out FOR it. This is actually a problem for Sony. We know BC is possible on the new PS3s (all it needs is a firmware update, that's been proven). However, if the PS2s are still selling, and Sony won't stop supporting it, why not maximize sales by denying the people who buy the PS3 the option to play PS2 games so they would need to buy a PS2, as well? If they really wanted to kill BC, they wouldn't let you play PS1 games on it, either (which FF7, one of this guy's mentioned games, is a PS1 game, so he already fails). Once the PS2 is retired (which should be this year if Sony is smart and kills this elephant in the room), you will see this become a totally new animal.

4. WHAT disconnects? Check your routers and your ISPs, because they prolly just suck ass. Try WPAing your connections, and get an ISP that doesn't suck.

3. I love how no one cared or even brought up that PS3s could even DO Linux UNTIL they removed it. Suddenly, EVERYONE cares and just KNEW it was in there. It wasn't in the slim PS3 models. Why didn't you notice then? Yeah, the timing of it made little sense to those who thought Sony shouldn't raise suspicion as to their reasoning, but stop pretending that you always cared about or even used that feature. As for Microsoft, they DID remove features, if you remember them disallowing third party storage devices (Datal DID raise a fuss about it). Wanna know what we heard out of the 360 faithful? Nothing but acceptance.

2. Never mind that he's writing for a site for a system which has a lot to answer for on this front, but how in the HELL did this guy even COME to this conclusion? It's not even a true statement. They put Blu-ray in there to have a head start in the BR/HD-DVD format war that you would've heard about if you didn't live under a rock in 07-08. This guy is only speculating here, and he's passing his speculating off as absolute proven fact. He really needs to give some explanation as to how he came to that conclusion other than the pain it takes for someone to "pirate" a Blu-Ray formatted piece of software (and yes, there was a reason I put "pirate" in quotes there).

1. So which system made a name for themselves by buying out (for lack of a better term) GTA4, Tekken 6, FF13, etc. again? And how many times are we going to sing the praises for a peripheral that we've only seen tech demos of? Please tell MS to show us an actual GAME played with Natal, and THEN we MIGHT talk.

TehSalez2884d ago

You probably have the most disagrees on this site.

Congratulations. And your reasons are the stupidest I've ever heard.

vhero2883d ago

Wow pitiful reasons not to buy one... You wouldnt buy one because the console is behind in sales?? How does that effect a gamer?? It doesnt what a stupid article.. Also Sony remove one feature as people were using it for piracy. Also that's one of his other reasons on here. His half assed war on piracy?? Seems this guy really loves his pirate copies and this is the real reason he doesn't like PS3. I was honestly going for 5 real reasons here.. I doubt you could find 5 real reasons.. In fact I doubt you could find 5 faults for choosing ps3 over 360 I could think of 3 if I try hard enough.

The fact is this is from a 360 site and the writer of the article is clearly a fanboy which you can make out from the reasons alone never mind when you read them! Seems he couldn't live without his piracy either. Both consoles are great and articles like this should never be posted here on N4G as they are pure flaimbait.. I also noticed who approved this N4PS3G the biggest 360 fanboy on here...

8thnightvolley2883d ago

look at all those disagrees.. the SDF force is strong on this site.

AuToFiRE2883d ago

This article is extremely flawed, PSN does work quite well, in the entire tie ive own a ps3, the only time ive ever gotten kicked out of PSN was during betas and when the servers were overloaded on the first day release of games, same thing with XBL, Microsoft has also removed features, being able to switch out the hard drive with a third party one

Kurt Russell2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I think my problem with the PS3 and why I can't get into the console is the dikheads who own one and post on this site spouting graphics. My 360 is not as pretty but it still seems to grab my attention apposed to the PS3 sitting next to it.

~And this article is right 100% about one thing. PSN is crap in comparisons to LIVE - It's free for a reason, and that reason isn't customer satisfaction... it's because it is toss.

And all of you owe me £40 for the money you made me waste on UC2 - Over the hell rated you say?

Wipeout HD is the only reason worth having the console for.

Christopher2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

5. Backwards Compatibility - Surprisingly... my 80GB PS3 has had better BC experience than my Xbox 360, which isn't fully BC either. It's great that people want to b*tch about the lack of it, but the #1 reason it's not there is because people didn't want to pay for it.

4. Online - I have no opinion on this. I don't need a big friends list or anything and when I play online I'm not going to put on a headphone just to talk to people I'd wish would shut up. But, that's just me. If you're into online games and chatting, 360 is definitely better. But, that doesn't mean that PSN has bad online either, so I don't see how you could say you wouldn't buy one just because it's not as good. Anyone who calls PSN online capabilities crap really must not have played Gears of War 2 or MW2 on the 360. PSN is more than passable and will be the first console with MMO-capable games as well as the first game that allows 256 people in a single online game at once. Yeah, so there's no x-chat, but there is definitely a lot to do online.

3. Removing Features: First of all, it's feature, one item has been removed. Second, Microsoft has also removed the ability to use third-party devices, which more people used than OtherOS. Both have removed features in one way or another, both did it to prevent piracy possibilities.

2. Piracy: See #3. Both did the same thing. Also, your #2 and #3 are pretty much one and the same.

1. Wait... Move is a rip-off of Wii... but Natal is not a rip-off of PS3 Eye? You do know that the company that Microsoft bought for R&D is the same company that performed the majority of Sony's R&D for their camera-based video gaming technology, right? That all of Sony's R&D went straight into making Natal?

fanboi hater2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

1) Fanboi
2) He's ignorant
3) Fanboi
4) He's stupid
5) Fanboi

I could make the same stupid article about why I will never buy an Xbox, however I already have one because i'm not a Blind fanboi.

but here's a list for fun

1) It breaks all the time
2) It's missing many standard features wifi blah blah blah
2) Piracy is rampant
4) Natal is a copy of playstation eyetoy which is 10 years old
5) It doesn't have an hd medium for a disc
6) I'm a fanboi and my head is up my a**

LOL at fanboi