5 Dreamcast games we want on Xbox Live tomorrow

GamesRadar writes: All it takes is a single leaked screenshot to pull a generation's worth of fanboys out of the woodwork. In a shot leaked by French site, Esprit Pixel, we can see what looks to be a legitimized, upcoming release of Sega's immortal Jet Set Radio coming in over the 360's PartnerNet.

Looking back, this isn't the first rumor of this sort. Similar shots of Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi have turned up as well. But those are longstanding, successful franchises, so that's to be expected. Jet Set Radio is different. More to the point: Where the f*** are all the Dreamcast games?! I mean, thanks for the fighting games and everything, but there's plenty of other timeless potential to squeeze out of Sega's last little platform that couldn't. Look...

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kevco332950d ago

Screw Dreamcast, where's all the Saturn classics? Clockwork Knight anybody?

darthv722950d ago


I'll take Daytona USA, Outtrigger, Alien Front Online, the list goes on and on and on and on and......

-Alpha2950d ago

Done. This article is God. Power Stone 2 is the Holy Grail of Dreamcast Party Games.

If XBL brings it to me then I will erupt.

I would also like:

-Sword of the Berserk
-Sonic Adventure 2
-Shenmue (never played it)

HD it up, add online for games like PS2 and XBL will earn my praise.

Solidus187-SCMilk2950d ago

powerstone 2 with online fighting would be great.

I got a crap load of DC games and I got lucky, someone I used to work with gave me a copy of SotB: guts rage on a cd.

Cajun Chicken2950d ago

I can't profess how much I love Powerstone. Seriously, 2 games, a PSP version about 7 years later and nothing for years, Capcom are sitting on a quality franchise. Why don't they do something with it?

I can NEVER tire of Powerstone 2, so much fun in every aspect, it was a vast improvement of Powerstone 1, put it online, problem solved.

Either re-release Powerstone 2 online, OR Powerstone 3, digital download or put it on the Wii with mtion controls. Come on Capcom, what the hell are you doing?

-Alpha2950d ago

Oh I love you. I feel the exact same way. Capcom is seriously mental for not releasing a new Power Stone. I would kill for a new Power Stone. I have a copy of #2: I re-bought it two years ago after my friend broke my bootleg copy, (Yes, I contributed to the downfall of Dreamcast, but I was like 10).

This game is my precious rare jewel.

For those of you that haven't played it: Take Super Smash Bros., make it 3-D and multiply it by 100.

I'm so glad to see Power Stone fans. I had never thought many knew of it.

Cajun Chicken2950d ago

Yeah, well, don't feel so bad. I didn't discover Powerstone until my parents bought me a Dreamcast from a secondhand shop in what would have been it's dying days, it came with Powerstone and MDK2, needless to say, I played them to death.

I still love the airship arena. It's awesome. I bought a new DC not that long ago due to the drive malfunctioning, I still keep 4 Dreamcast controllers, just for Powerstone 2. I basically, keep a Dreamcast around just for the very purpose of that game, don't get me wrong, I like Powerstone 1, but it just isn't as insane.

Think I might go grab my PSP and Powerstone Collection again soon.

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NateNater2950d ago

Yea Shenmue would be awesome!

Wrathman2950d ago

shemue 1&2 then the 3rd finished game
tokyo highway challenge and crazy taxi

JasonPC360PS3Wii2950d ago

I want that boxing game I forget the name, they have big hair and goofy clown feet was in the first Dreamcast ad I seen.

-Alpha2950d ago

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing!

GOD! Every Dreamcast game rocked! It's clearly nostalgia, but I miss the times when I was just a kid with a simple mind not knowing anything about the politics of gaming. EVERYTHING was so much more enjoyable because games were GAMES and playing anything meant you were enthralled in the mere act of pushing a button.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2950d ago

Yeah that's it! thanks dude :) bubbles

OpenGL2950d ago

The politics of gaming was alive and well during the Dreamcast era. Do you not remember the Dreamcast vs PS2 discussions? Before that it was N64 vs PS1, Jaguar vs 3DO, SNES vs Genesis, NES vs Master System, etc.

The internet certainly made the fanboy wars more obvious and annoying though.

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