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Examiner - For those who have been following the development Alan Wake these past few years, it is common knowledge that the title is heavily inspired by the works of Stephen King (among other influences). Upon fully experiencing Alan Wake's first chapter, it is evident that developer Remedy makes no attempt in hiding this fact, using the author as a way to introduce the player to Mr. Wake and the mysterious town known as Bright Falls. The game's logo even looks like it could have been taken from a New York Times bestseller. Yet it also can be seen as the title design of one of the many serialized TV dramas that have populated network television this past decade. This is what the Finnish developer intended as the chapters are presented as television-style episodes.

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Leupac3033d ago

I can't wait to try this game, hopefully I can pick it next month when it releases.

Hallmark Moment3033d ago

Can't wait either. Watch the Alan Wake prequel shows now on XBL they were a day late but are now up.