I never doubted the PS3. Did you?

You might not believe him, and he sure as Hell can't prove it, but at no point during the last five years or so did [email protected] think that the PlayStation 3 would ultimately sell fewer units worldwide than the Xbox 360.

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X_GAMER_X2827d ago


So tired of these articles. -_-

MasFlowKiller2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Its all about preference
November 17, 2006 it was very hard to justify a $600 purchase. I did becuase i was scared of buying a 360 with a high chance of failure.

I have both now, even though it was hard justify buying a PS3 in 2006 & 2007 but i never doubted Sony becuase of the number of studios and the number of franchises Sony has.

We all new Madden would eventually work equally as good on the PS3,

and that most if not all games from 3rd parties(not Independent studios) were eventually coming to the PS3(Bioshock, splinter cell double agent, oblivion)

From a gamer that plays games perspective why doubted the PS3? It has the studios, it has the franchises, after developers learn how to make games for it they would have the 3rd party support)

Too bad it never really got have the media support

nix2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

that's why i bougth mine. not when it launched because it indeed was too expensive. but i did buy one when it dropped to 400.

thanks to my confidence... it's paying off amazingly! in the last couple of months i've played UC2, Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and recently Yakuza 3.

not to forget Heavenly Sword, KZ2, inFamous, R&C, Folklore, Uncharted 1, LBP, MGS4, Warhawk etc. ah... great games.

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captain-obvious2827d ago

i hope Sony learnt something from this gen
they got the power but they need to know to never underestimate you opponents just because they did bad in the past

Persistantthug2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

That's why I bought PS3 Jan 2009 as my first "next gen" system and I haven't looked back since.

if you thought PS3 was going to be "down" for the entire generation, you have to be a fool. I didn't even own a PS2 last gen, but it isn't rocket science to know Sony was going to seriously ramp up the PS3's status at some point.

Besides, what else was I going to a system with an approx 50% failure rate?
No thanks....I'm just not that foolish.

ShinRyuHadoken2827d ago

I always new it's gonna sell.

PS3 will be on #1 again.

sikbeta2827d ago


IDK about anyone, but the PS3 is Giving me Amazing Exclusive Games and that's all I care since last Gen, I bought a Console last Gen [GC] for just 5 Games, now I only have a PS3 with loads of Awesome Games and I'll never buy a console for just a bunch, so IMO, PS3 is Beast...

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Shadow Flare2827d ago

What people seem to forget is that the xbox 360 is actually the worst selling current gen console. Wii is obviously the best selling and the ps3 has been outselling the 360 since launch. Xbox 360 is the worst selling current gen console. Fact.

The 1 year head start is the disguise, because we all know that if all consoles launched on the same day, the 360 would be in distant 3rd.
Here's the other ironic thing. 360 fans almost dismiss the year headstart when it comes to 360/ps3 sales. However, when 360 production is stopped and ps3's life continues, to give a fair comparison of sales you would need to include an extra year for ps3. However im willing to bet that 360 fans will readily say, "nope, you can't compare anymore cos 360 isn't on the market". Well ps3 wasn't on the market in 360's first year. Tough beans. PS3 has been clearly outselling 360 since launch; ergo, 360 is the worst selling current gen console. Deal with it.

EvilBlackCat2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

This have been taken to another level.


READ THE TITLE and analyse it


He never doubted an Electronic Device

He believe in a Electronic Device

His faith and hope its in a n Electronic Device

WHY you guys keep falling in this Apple vs MS, PS3 vs Xbox360, PSP vs DS ETC

This kind of "news/article"s are just ruining what this gamesite should be.




@ Shadow Flare

"What people seem to forget is that the xbox 360 is actually the worst selling current gen console. Wii is obviously the best selling and the ps3 has been outselling the 3... blah blah blah"

Ok so lets pretend/believe/imaging that the PS3 is outselling the xbox360 or that PS3 is going to be the 1st at the end of this console war of b.


Do you think that every xbox loyalist is winning something about xbox360 lead?

Did any xbox owner jumped from PS2 to xbox and really care about this B.S.


-Alpha2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I wasn't sure how I felt about the PS3. People say now that they didn't doubt it but I'm not going to lie: the talk of Sony going the way of the Dreamcast scared me. The PS3 lacked any notable title at launch and Microsoft had a ton of momentum. Not to mention that Sony was reported to have lost SO much money investing in the PS3, and at launch, the system's online was poor. Remember no XMB in-game? No trophies? Sony lacked a lot of these things and the focus seemed to be on BluRay. Sony as a whole was doing very bad as a company and there were rumors of them dropping one of their products. All that, regardless of it came from the news or from 360 fanboys worried me. And it should have worried you PS3 fans too, and I'm sure it did. Nobody knew for sure what Sony would do with the PS3. Luckily Sony turned themselves around and never gave up.

I truly don't give a crap about sales. Even if PS3 starts outselling the 360 what then? Nothing much changes except bragging rights. Also, both Sony and MS have lost lots of profits (hardware failures and expensive features) compared to Nintendo. So really, why care about sales?

In my opinion Sony delivered on the games that I want to play. I prefer the 360 for Multiplayer because of Halo, but my favorite shooter has been a multiplat (CoD4) on PS3, and I have all my friends on the PS3 too. The Single Player games have been best on PS3 and I see a brighter future for Sony's games.

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ProjectVulcan2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I didnt doubt it because i knew number one, expensive new hardware only ever gets cheaper as time passes. Secondly, i knew that 360 would never take off in japan, no matter how much money microsoft threw at it.

You simply cannot have a huge selling console without selling well in all three major regions. The Playstation brand has never had a problem with appealing to the diversity of said regions.

Lightsaber2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I never doubted that is end this gen in last place does that count ?

"1.9 -
What people seem to forget is that the xbox 360 is actually the worst selling current gen console"

shadow b!tch are so so stupid you believe that are you so f'ing desperate to kiss $onys @ss you'll say anything ?

Nebulas Zero2827d ago


"All that, regardless of it came from the news or from 360 fanboys worried me. And it should have worried you PS3 fans too, and I'm sure it did."

As such, this guy says he has no way of proving he didn't doubt the PS3 all these years. I'm surprised no one's calling him out on this, because given the events of the past few years, and what Sony's been through, it is indeed a very tall claim to say he didn't doubt it even ONCE.

van-essa2827d ago

You guys are insane, it's just a stupid box.

SnuggleBandit2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


actually this story is about the best console this gen (ps3), not the must be lost

kratos1232827d ago

oh snap z-hayden got you there bubbels fore z

Montrealien2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I never thought for a second that the Playstation brand was doomed, that`s plain retarded. however I do doupt it will ever be as big as the PS2, sadly, that boat has sailed.

Bottomn line, we have a gaming industry that can support three major home consoles without any fear of one going away, and that, is the best thing to happen to us.

IrishAssa2827d ago

I didn't doubt it would do well. I just hated that the "E3 demos" were actually just CG. Remember the first Motorstorm trailer(miles better than the final product). This was back in the day when I didn't know any better like the average person. KZ2 does look great and is as good as the Cg in some area's but it is way behind that trailer still. The explosions and fire were the best parts about the trailer and in the final version they're nowhere near it.

Then the FF7 tech demo. It gave me the impression they were remaking it but they just wern't.

At some point I wanted to play Halo2 onlline and accidently got a 360 subscription, I just kept it, got a 360 for Oblivion and LOTR:BFME2. I was really annoyed and felt betrayed by Sony for those Demo's. Then there was the USB's and stuff. The controller's triggers annoyed me when compared to the 360's. And only fanboys these days say the Ps3 controller's trigers are better than the 360's. Although I do prefare the DS3 to 360 controller now but the 6axis was to light aswell and had no rumble which I loved.

Well anyway it still hasn't got near those Cg trailers but it has got rediculusly good looking games. I'm happy I have it now.

Perkel2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

@ Montrealien

you know that PS3 is the only console that is improving in therms of sales ? And PS3 still is waiting over his HALO that is GT5.

5 mln of prologues can't lie. GT5 will overshadow every exclusive game both from x360 and ps3.

People still don't consider that GT franchize now is wayyyyyy more known around the world when GT4 was released. It is not simply a game anymore it's worldwide phenomenom like halo or mw.

@ irish

nope they are waaaaaaaaaaaay bether !! watch again especialy flames from 2005. They are rediculus by today standards..

Skip_Bayless2827d ago

I bought the 20gb model during launch week. I really thought PS3 would outsell 360 in year, but the blind folks kept buying the 360 because of the "now". Yea, the 360 owners got to play Oblvion and Call of Duty 2, but had everyone just ignored 360 and bought PS3 we would have already played games that took advantage of the PS3 hardware sooner.

If PS3 right now had 50 million sold and 360 had 20 million sold then we would have better multiplatform games, more diverse games, and the typical exclusives. Instead Tekken 6, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy etc. are multiplatform. People who doubted the PS3 ruined the potential of this generation; even though this generation is the best it could have been better.

Montrealien2827d ago

hey Perkel, did you know I don`t care? Or did you just decide to ignore the last phrase of my comment? yeah, if you feel the need to defend the playstation, you are a fanboy. Take it from me, Sony does not need to be defended, they are doing just fine, then again so is MS and Nintendo....get my drift?

The Ps3 could sell 200 million in the next 3 years, and the 360 coudl sell 3 and the Wii could sell 1, and I still won`t care, as long as the market is competitive and all current home console makers have great games.

The last thing I want is a market controled by one console. There is a reason frodo had to go destroy the one rign to rule them all.

IrishAssa2827d ago

I'm sorry but the 360 had it's games, it had Gears 1, Mass effect 1, Bioshock, the 360 has paid off the cost long ago my friend. It took a while before the PS3 got any of it's AAA games out. And if anyone ses Resistance...Resistance was good but it wasn't Great. CoD4 is still one of the best games IMO and it had to compete with that.

Especially it's late arrival in Europe was annoying.

What I actually feel like is the 360 was a different generation altogether and when the PS3 finally started delievering. The 360 couldn't catch up. 360 is 1 gen ago, ps2 is 2 gens ago. PS3 is now.
PC is all gens :P

DaTruth2827d ago

I never even knew there was a console war when I bought my PS3 near launch! I just knew XBOX fanboys were lighting up ever comment section in every PS3 article!

I was like, WTF is wrong with these guys and never paid it no mind!

ukilnme2827d ago

@ Da Truth

That's funny. Back in July of 2007 I could not open a 360/MS article without seeing the comments section riddled with the PS3 fanboys. I too wondered what was wrong with these people. It amazes me how the grass in one yard can look brown and another looks green depending on which side of the fence you are on.

sikbeta2827d ago

@The Disagree-dudes in my First Post [1.7]

I started gaming with the Famicom, Not "da hardcorez Gamaaaer" but I love Gaming, long ago I didn't give a Damn About Exclusives, but Everything changed when I bought the GC, sure now I realize that My PS2 got a Load of Exclusives that enjoyed, but as I said I didn't give a Damn

5 Years later, with 2 Consoles, [1] = The PS2, The Less Powerful Console with loads of Games, being the Exclusives the Best Looking Games and [2] = a Gamecube with 5 Games, 5 Fvcking Games:

1·RE REmake
2·RE ø
·½:RE4 (Then The PS2 version)
·½:TS:FP (even If I played the others on PS2)

So, I learned The Lesson, now I Go For The Best Library and The Best Games, that's Why I have a PS3, seems like soon I'll stop buying Third Party Games cuz the majority $uck$, still buy some Great Games but I Prefer to Give MY MONEY to something that Deserve it, IMO it's COMMON SENCE...

DaTruth2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I use to game casually, buying a game whenever I realized I hadn't bought one in awhile, or buying one when a good demo was included with a game I bought because I hadn't bought a game in awhile or new Tenchu/Metal Gear. I had an SMS and NES, but never bought a system after that.(My rich dad was a real a$$hole and couldn't afford to buy me enough things to put up with him. Rather be poor) started gaming again in 99 with a PSOne, but I was 20 and had other things to do.

Now I have a catalog of games at anytime I'm anticipating release of and hanging out reading New4Gamers. It just seems that every 3 months an amazing game or two are releasing.

HolyOrangeCows2827d ago

...but I never figured it would be able to reach the same level of popularity as the Ps2. But it surprises me constantly, who knows?

vhero2826d ago

People had no reason to doubt PS3 with Sonys track record and MS had to really pull out the stops this time to get ahead and fair play to them. If there is a next gen of consoles it will be completely 50/50 from the start I reckon.

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richard9192827d ago

nope not once. spent 600 dollars on my PS3 the first February it was available. haven't looked back since. my original 60 gig is still kickin. ive upgraded the hard drive but thats it. i remember everyone complaining there were no games out for it compared to the 360. i was like uh hello the ps3 has been out for a month the 360 has been out a year. of course there are no games for it yet. patience people. resistance was more then enough to keep me busy back then. that and god of war 2 was still new. no complaints! PS3 FTW

Perkel2827d ago

yeah no games subject was real facepalm then.

I've got almost 2k games to choose from (ps1/PS2).. uhh fanboys are just plain stupid...

dalibor2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Well I got the PS3 b/c I knew games like Final Fantasy, Tekken, Devil May Cry, Twisted Metal, Socom, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, God Of War, Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto, Killzone, ect. were going to come out for the PS3 for sure. And I liked the idea of not paying for online play(I felt like companies would eventually charge to play online so I got free online while it lasted and it still does). That and I have been gaming on a Sony platform for the past 2 generations. The new gaming IP's suprised me & I do like them. I just didn't understand all the hate for the system. It's not like the PS3 ever dissed anyone.

Bangin chicks and playin video games. F T W

richard9192827d ago

yeah man everything you said is exactly the same here. ive been playin playstation since the release of PS1. as i was buyin my ps3 all i had in mind was mgs4 lol, i wanted other games (everyone you listed btw) but it was all about mgs4 for me, all these new ips are just a bonus lol. i knew PS3 would deliver just like PS1 and PS2 did. im surprised that their is so much hate for the PS3. its the only console that is actually next gen. never doubted it once.

hahaha yup everyday!! :P

Xwow20082827d ago

that with all the media(anti sony community) hate and MS viral marketing has failed big time and sony will prove for the third time they are the best in the video games business..SO yh i never doubted ps3 nor sony.

And i want to say for the haters (I told u so) ^^.

clintos592827d ago

N4G & Gamespot at those times were hilarious & ps3 owners from launch use to get devoured by mobs of 360 fanboys. I can honestly say that those 360 fanboys at those times were alot harsher then the ps3 fanboys u see today on n4g.

The reason I say that was because back then there were so many 360 fanboys that most of the time ps3 owners were out numbered & u would rarely see any other ps3 owners try an support the other ps3 owner because you just didnt have any kind of chance of defending yourself as a ps3 owner.

See here now in n4g it seems ps3 fanboys have taken over but there are still alot of 360 fanboys around here that follow greenburg as if he were a prophet lol.

I own both systems & think they both have great games but im not a blind fanboy to see which system has been dishing out the best games the last few years. 2010 looks to be the best year for every console since there are plenty of good games coming out for all 3 systems.

Xwow20082827d ago

"See here now in n4g it seems ps3 fanboys have taken over but there are still alot of 360 fanboys around here that follow greenburg as if he were a prophet lol."

lol good 1 :)

Hands Up For Games2827d ago

Thats some good back slapping there guys. Have a chocolate watch as a prize!

Montrealien2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Do you also remember people laughing at Xbox 1 owners flaunting how graphics did not matter, good games mattered and the PS2 was the best example of that? And the people laughing at the name Wii, and how nintendo was doomed with such a stupid console name? and how people where saying that when the PS3 was going to come out, it would destroy the 360 and the wii?


The PS3 fanboy community asked for it, if you ask me, they have only their own over zealous gloating and flaunting to blame for all the hate. Trust me, Ps1 fanboys where bashing the N64m Ps2 fanboys where bashing the dreamcast, even before the PS2 was out...but anyways, fact of the matter is, enthusiasts on both sides are wrong...all the time. As a gamer you want more choice, you want competition. You can be a cheerleader and root for your favorite console, however there is not need for hate. No matter who threw the first stone, enthusiasts are tarribad.

DaTruth2827d ago

You mean those two dudes in between the endless thousands of 360 fanboy comments!

Montrealien2827d ago

lol, I guess so Truth, but to be fair, I am sure those thousands of 360 fanboys are also just 2 dudes.

I am sure that all the N4G fanboys, from either side, represent at most, 25 people.

funny really.

DaTruth2827d ago

I didn't think if you replied that it was gonna be that funny. LOLz!!!

Back to farming Trapezohedrons!

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mushroomwig2827d ago

I've had a PS3 since launch day and I've never doubted it's potential, the same thing happened with the PS2.