Implementing 3D Was 'A Really Tough Job' For GT5 Programmers

Gran Turismo 5 3D support has been confirmed by Sony, and according to the titles US producer, implementing the technology was "a really tough job" for the programmers.

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scruffy_bear3006d ago

I don't really care about 3D just bring out GT 5 soon can't wait any longer

mjolliffe3006d ago

Yep, I mean if the long delay was to implement 3D, then I'd prefer them to release it without the tech.

We've been waiting a long, long time for GT5 now.

NateNater3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Hey Polyphony is working hard at the game. Anything they do deserves credit. I doubt adding 3D was any reason for a delay. But even if it was, you can be assured that it's worth it.

Think about it, there's around 1000 or more cars in the game. Every detail has to be perfect in GT5 including exterior and interior of the cars, the numerous tracks, online modes, and everything else.

People from Polyphony even travel half way across the world just to take pictures of the cars so they can get every detail right. When this game comes out, it will have been worth the long wait.

Nitrowolf23006d ago

naw even if it was delayed do to 3D, you have to think now what they have added. They have said that they were working on full damage for every car, also possibly a weather cycle. So its more then just 3D

kalebgray923006d ago

take all the time u need poly to make the greatest racing game ever..... sorry gt3 aspec... i think gt5 will pass it up for the greatest racing game .... let alone simulator

TotalPS3Fanboy3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

"...but our guys are brilliant and they're accomplishing it."

Nice! 3D is tough for such a great looking game, but they're actually accomplishing it.

Blaster_Master3006d ago

Yeah, PD should just release the game because you want it, pffft. What is wrong with you people?

Shang-Long3006d ago

Is there anything this game doesn't have?

ProjectVulcan3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

GT5 was already well set for 3D really. Running 1280 x 1080 off the bat means there is room to wiggle before they even have to reduce the resolution below 1280 x 720 to make 3D work. I expect GT5 to be one of the best looking 3D titles, which should still maintain a HD resolution.

PshycoNinja3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

programming games is a b!tch (I'm going to college to become a game programmer). So not only are they programming a REAL LIFE SIM racer but they are also implementing 3D which I'm learning now at it is really F*$%ing hard to program. I have nothing but respect for the programmers at PD. They must be absolute geniuses to be able to do all of this programming in only like what 5 years?

darthv723006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

that is my name for it. It is taking way to long and all these set backs may lead to something memorable in the end but then what will they have left over for GT6?

I have about given up on this game and knew damn well it wouldnt get released until sony was ready (meaning never) or when 3D was the "in thing" all over again. They could have released the game and added 3d via dlc later.

The "definitive racing sim" has more or less turned into the "definitive waiting sim".

edit: im sorry about that. i am having a bad day. I am sure their effort will be really well worth it. I am just a bit let down by it having been pushed back and pushed back and...well you get the idea.

pimpmaster3006d ago

now there implementing 3d ino the game?? great another 6 month delay.

shadow27973006d ago

The question is, what is being sacrificed when 3D is running? It's awesome that they're doing it, but you will lose something because 3D is a resource hog. But what?

badz1493006d ago

1080p, 60fps, 1000 cars, head tracking and now 3D...they are really pushing it!

DaTruth3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Does this game ever stop getting better???

There will absolutely be no reason to make another one this gen! What the Hell else could they put in it.

I haven't even really liked GT since GT2, but I have no choice but to buy this game!

If they sell this for $60, it is gonna make most games look bad for charging $60. I think the games I am willing to stomach a $60 pricetag on, just got significantly smaller.

raztad3005d ago

Some people may not understand something: it's much easier to work an unfinished game and fit 3D in, that trying to retrofit the damn thing. And another thing: If you read DF analysis of PS3 3D early implementation, MotorStorm devels said this:

"First of all we took our split-screen mode... effectively, 3D is very much like making a split-screen game," Benson reveals. "It's two views in one world, so let's just put the two cameras on the one player."

This will sound extremely unlikely but PD by working in the GT5 3D implementation could end up with a splitscreen capable game.

DaTruth3005d ago

PS3 isn't the only thing that only does everything.

PS3, it only does games that only do everything!

8thnightvolley3005d ago

about time the game came out .. but i really appriciate what sony is trying to do with gt5 and making it the best racing game ever made... and i am sure it will accomplish it and have all teh wistles and bells that is needed.. but i really would like to see the game out finally...

but in any case bravo for the technical achievement and please bring the game out its been long

alphakennybody3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I can't wait to play this game in 3-d. Played wipeout and MS:PR in 3-d, total immersion! whoever said "its useless, it gives motion sickness...but but the downscales... bu bu but the low framerate..." is BSing and need to visit the closest Sony Style store that dislpay 3-d.

Cevapi883005d ago

you guys seriously need to redefine what a delay means...the game has been in production for 5 hasnt been delayed....there hasnt been a release date other than the one for Japan

Leathersoup3005d ago

Sony needs a way to sell their 3D TVs. So we get to wait forever for the game to come out so Sony can sell more than 7 TVs.

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xabmol3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I've seen some videos and read a few articles about the extreme lengths the Devs go through to get every detail perfect in this game. Detail isn't a detailed enough word to detail the detail in this game.

Note to self: The reply button only works if you actually click it.

NateNater3006d ago

"Detail isn't a detailed enough word to detail the detail in this game."

You're right. If detail isn't a detailed enough word, then what word is detailed enough to explain the detail in this precisely detailed game?....detail

Yep the reply button works when you click it...see? :-P

PhilipLarkin3006d ago

Maybe should have spent more time on damage =S

Dnied3006d ago

Considering the most we've seen so far was a few minutes of 1 car slowly bumping into a few walls, on an unfinished damage model about 6 months ago, how can you imply that the damage model isn't good enough?

Ares84PS33006d ago

...Yamauchi said that not every car will have damage. Just the high end cars will have damage because it takes so long to impliment it to the cars and they want to have to most cars out of all the GT games in GT5.

IRetrouk3005d ago

actually what he said was that all cars would have damage, production cars would have similar damage system to forza with the race and rally cars having a better damage model.

Dnied3005d ago

I actually thought he said all cars have damage but only 100 or so will have INTERIOR damage.

Either way, I'm excited to see the damage when it's finalized.

IRetrouk3004d ago

thats actually true he did say that there would be some interior damage, but defo damage to all cars with better damage on rally and race cars, woot woot, i can not wait to get my teeth into this game, AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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ShinnokDrako3006d ago

But instead of implementing it now, couldn't they release a patch or something later? Or not at all....
I'm already imagining the titles of the news in some month: "GT5 delayed, 3D optimization" or "GT5 next year, due to the 3D implementation" or those things. I really hope it's not like that and they release it THIS year....

Nicaragua3006d ago

Agreed, this game needs releaseing first and then adding these little tweaks later. People with 3D capable TV's are going to be in the minority for a long time so they should cater to the rest of us first.

Logiistics3006d ago

They've spent long enough it will be 4D by the time the games finished.

justaddh303006d ago

hurrr you're a durrr
i would have accepted it (paid for it?) as an addon