Echochrome Announced for the PSN

During the Sony press conference at E3 Phil Harrison announced a number of games that stood out. One of them was an abstract puzzle game.

Called Echochrome, the downloadable game is made by Sony's Japan Studio. Graphics play a very, very small role.

The overall goal to the game is to get from starting point to the end point. Throughout the later levels there are pitfalls, teleporters, and bumpers that will make each level more challenging then that last.

It's unknown when Echochrome will be released but it will be one of the 180 PSN games Sony will be releasing worldwide before March 2008.

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Bill Gates3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I'm waiting for this game like I'm waiting for LBP, and GT5.
When I first saw this game, I was hooked. It looks so original.

everyone should really take a look at it.

WOW you came up with that one all by yourself? Good for you boy, now go fetch some achievement hypocrite XBOT BABOON..hahha

...and use some Rogaine on your scalp will ya, it might not help you but atleast you tried...HAHAHAHA

ArduousAndy3938d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

It requires brain power. Seeing what you write, apparently you have none.

@bill wanna talk about how long did it take for me to come up with that one? I replied to your comment an hour after it happened. It took you 8 hours to make a comeback.

Listen I would LOVE to match wits with you but clearly you are unarmed.

Also about the rogaine comment. I can fix my baldness, can you fix your dumbness?


Looks nice

I wonder how many levels it has

NewScratch3938d ago

like they said, maybe the least graphics and the most gameplay of anything around. heres a trailer:

Lord Anubis3937d ago

this game is going to be brain cracking. Some of the stuff look complex perhaps because I don't know well the mechanics of the game and some of the optical illusions were actually optical illusions if that makes sense.

nurayi3937d ago

this type of innovative abstract game is exactly what I want to see on the psn. since the team ico project is missing (TGS where are you) this game was a nice surprise instead.

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