Killing With Style: An Illustration of Bulletstorm's Skillshots

Game Informer: Bulletstorm isn't just about killing dudes. It's about wrecking dudes with creative combinations of unusual weaponry and environmental hazards. If you've seen this month's cover story, you have an idea of what the game's skill shots -- special kills that reward players with increased upgrade points -- are about. These illustrations by GI's own Curtis Fung, and the matching descriptions from People Can Fly creative director Adrian Chmielarz, should give you an idea of the boisterous gunplay at the game's heart. Remember: It's not sadistic if you're doing it feral cannibals who are trying to shoot you and eat you, preferably in that order.

If we could show you actual gameplay online, believe us -- we would. In the meantime, the only place to get visuals from the game is in our latest print issue. These illustrations have 100% more dudes getting shot in the junk, though, so that's something.

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