E3: R&C: A Pixar movie on PS3

Cartoon-like visuals of this quality would've been the stuff of dreams - even cliché - a few years ago, but here's Sony's Ratchet & Clank Future looking like a Pixar film on PS3.

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CNIVEK3846d ago

That's an insult to PIXAR. NO console is capable of producing gameplay graphics of PIXAR quality; those movies are made with $100 million + budgets, and computers/software that costs 10s of thousands of $$. This guy is obviously a delusional Sony fanboy. :o

Torch3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

You're really desperately reaching, aren't you?

Hopefully for your sake, you're comment was intended to be sarcastic, and that you really don't have such difficulty taking simple comments literally.

If the author is um, a "delusional Sony fanboy" for paying such a positive (and make no mistake: VALID) comment to Sony, then what does that make you, for trying to split hairs in a futile and unjustifiable effort to belittle Sony?

And by the way: Take a seat and watch some LittleBigPlanet footage. If that real-time gem doesn't scream 'Pixar' at you, you may want to upgrade your 14" monochrome monitor to a new one.

They're not very expensive these days, you know.

CNIVEK3845d ago

...does it look CLOSE to Pixar quality. Nice try, son, but I don't play around when it comes to home electronics. I stated a fact, and all you Sony fangirls disagreed with me....surprise, surprise. :o



I think it looks as good as pixar
maybe better

TruthHurts3846d ago

Ratchet is the BEST looking game out there besides KZ2(in my opinion).

its pretty weak when you start of a section you don`t care about w/ negativity.

Ratchet IS the closest thing to a Pixar movie.
its NOT a Pixar movie, but its getting close.

PS360PCROCKS3846d ago

Ok good. you said it so I don't have to...close to but not Pixar. and @sevir man EDIT EDIT EDIT "infor on the Hotly anticapted" come on bro...Infor? and anticapted?

TruthHurts3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

i really cant believe how close its getting,
these NEW ratchet vids even look better than the last (more colorful/better explosions)

by EX. R&C 6-7, they could be doing what were seeing right now for PIXAR, thats exciting.

boi3846d ago

damn...thats wow

thats all im going to say...

the_bebop3846d ago

After seeing the Trailer for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction I think this time I might get a R&C game.

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The story is too old to be commented.