IncGamers: Hydrophobia Will Be Xbox 360 Exclusive

IncGamers has learnt that Hydrophobia will be released on Xbox 360 exclusively.

The game will feature Dark Energy Digital's proprietary engine, the HydroEngine, which shows simulates water beautifully.

From the story:
"We wanted to make sure that we got the best for our game, so we chose to work with one partner," said a source inside developer Dark Energy Digital.

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Leord2882d ago

I just don't see the point with exclusivity deals.

Dorjan2882d ago

I guess they're paid by the console owner for the deal?

Parapraxis2882d ago

Right...that's why the Dev tweeted this:
Fear not! Hydrophobia will one day make a Splash onto PS3! First mentioned in Gamehounds Podcast and now on Joystiq
about 2 hours ago via web

Elly2882d ago

It's slightly different with MS though, as it's their console. Perhaps they'll roll out for the other console at a later date.

Inside_out2882d ago

...Article is old...they did a interview and said it will be on PS3 in about a yr...who's using a PS2 game engine...they think its ground breaking....Arcade title BTW...

Parapraxis2882d ago

The people that approved this should be demoted. Why allow people to approve stuff when it's clearly FAKE.
Fail this crap already.

crck2882d ago

That is a good thing to learnt. If it was true.

ProjectVulcan2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

The title at the source is:

Hydrophobia Will Initially Be Xbox 360 Exclusive

The title of this on N4G is:

Hydrophobia Will Be Xbox 360 Exclusive

One word missing, pretty damn important one. Go figure?

Nineball21122882d ago

Leord (3) - 53m ago
Maticus (4) - 1h ago
Elly (1) - 2h ago
xbox360achievements (2) - 2h ago

It's about time to start calling out the ppl who approve stuff that is obviously fake.

Seriously, I hope the new site takes care of some of these problems.

Godmars2902882d ago

Generally exclusivity means that devs are doing their best to get the most out of the system they're working on. With the XBox 360 being what it is, with easy port and dev tools for a PCs yet being a low-end spec PC itself, such a thing is *likely* meaningless. That between that and DVD there is no incentive system-wise to get out that extra bit.

This may not be true or not, yet still the fact that it launched earlier than the PS3 which has the most graphically notable titles gives some credence to this argument.

Julie2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

I don't get how N4G gets away with so many headlines twisted , they won't fix the headline untill they had enough hits.

For me it is a real shame to put words on the mouth of others and to twist text just for hits , but oh well this is N4G...And not only this article there are Lots of articles daily in here with the headline and even context twisted just to get fanboy hits...sad

I believe the authors of the articles deserve respect and not this fanboy crap changing their work.

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thetamer2882d ago

I love the water effect, it's amazing and really is better than anything else I've seen. The game isn't the best looking, but with water like that, it really doen's matter

qface642882d ago

so what.. your gonna play the water...
i just don't see any reason to be excited about what the water looks like

ProjectVulcan2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

IMO the water doesnt look particularly better than just cause 2 on PC with CUDA enabled, or far beyond what we saw in bioshock several years ago- For whatever reason the LATEST video of it seems to have the surface complexity and transparency effects (like bubbles, splashes etc) of the water cut down, or distinctly unimpressive. The way the wave effects are implemented also looks very odd to my eyes.

Please watch this one month old trailer before you disagree.....

CellularDivision2881d ago

so what.. your gonna play the landscape...
i just don't see any reason to be excited about what the landscape looks like

so what.. your gonna play the fort...
i just don't see any reason to be excited about what the fort looks like

so what.. your gonna play the trees...
i just don't see any reason to be excited about what the trees look like

so what.. your gonna play the hill...
i just don't see any reason to be excited about what the hill looks like

so what.. your gonna play the sky...
i just don't see any reason to be excited about what the sky looks like

qface642881d ago

and your bringing that up why?
because i never once remember saying those are things you should be excited about looking at

CellularDivision2881d ago

Why am I bringing "it" up? Why did you bring "it" up?
Go play that unbalanced smash bros game you love so much.

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Maticus2882d ago

Wow, that's interesting. I'm sure there'll be a few disappointed PS3 owners out there.

BYE2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

You should check for reports before approving...

OmegaSlayer2881d ago

Being silent would be better Maticus.

Lucreto2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

This goes against this article

"In a recent podcast interview, the leads of Dark Energy Digital revealed their upcoming XBLA title Hydrophobia will hit with a file size under 1 GB and confirm that the game will not be an Xbox exclusive."

There is also another article saying it will be exclusive for one month on the 360 but I can't find the link.

Also this

TANUKI2882d ago

There's an article on QJ.Net that links to a podcast, where two developers said the game will be arriving on the PS3...


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