What would you like to have in Killzone 3? We want your opinion

If you love the title and you want help to achieve something you want to see happening, this is your chance. Publish your list of "things to do" for Killzone 3 inside our forum. The most interesting will be brought to the attention of Guerrilla Games.
Although the title has not been officially announced, we remind you that we have revealed details of clues as to its development already made the game. We expect in the next E3 2010, 15-17 June in Los Angeles, it is officially announced.

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mushroomwig2946d ago

Killzone 3 has to include singleplayer co-op mode for at least 2 people, with games like Gears 3 and Halo: Reach including the feature, there is no possible reason why Killzone 3 should not also have it.

Blaster_Master2946d ago

Take out the weightiness in the controls, fix the cover system and include blind fire, add prone, more freakin weapons, 100% destructible environments, better online game search engine, party system for online, add vehicular combat online, use of bad ass mechs online. Want me to go on?

Raf1k12946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Yeah a co-op campaign would be great. I don't think anyone would mind if it had lower quality visuals.

edit: @Blaster_Master, there's nothing wrong with it's weightiness. It's a big part of what sets Killzone 2 apart from other FPS games. The cover-system worked well though a few tweaks would be welcome and how would blind fire work in an FPS?
I got to '100% destructible environments' and that confirmed you're just being daft.

yoghurt2946d ago

@mushroom wig I agree, a co-op campaign would be great but I think it's wrong to say 'no reason why not if gears, halo has it' - the technical level and graphical level of killzone 2 is a reason as it is of a much higher level than the others you mentioned, but yes, hopefully they can optimise for a co-op feature

@blaster master, the weightiness of the controls was great, it made it very realistic and in my opinion better than the likes of cod

Killzone 2 was a massive game, in respect of what it achieved in KZ first outing on the PS3, I have no doubt they will blow us away again with the next iteration

PshycoNinja2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I had a problem with in the second game was the mid game loads. I mean its nice not to have any load screens but at the same time I HATE when the game would load in game and the game would freeze for a few seconds. Totaly took my out of the immersion when it did that.

Other than that Killzone 3 is a day one buy for me. I have platniumed the game and have 100% of the trophies for the game. You can say that I'm a fanboy for the game.

Barbapapa2945d ago

needs a better story. also please kill rico....

mal_tez922945d ago

The weighty controls is what seperates Killzone 2 from every other FPS, it's what makes it the best FPS ever made.

The weighty feel of the movement, aiming and shooting make it in immersive experience that requires a lot of skill. I love it so much more than the arcadey style of CoD, which has like a 3 min learning curve and requires little skill.

Rumor2945d ago

KNIFING instead of the god awful gun butting melee, bleedout feature, MORE weapons, all classes available, but one must play with them to lvl them up, less life(it takes like a whole clip to kill someone). and better immersion in the storyline,( i really didnt feel anything when Garza died, but it was a surprise to see what Radec did at the end...that was epic!)

my wishlist, im sold already otherwise ;)

trounbyfire2945d ago

[email protected] you a clown so go back to the rock you crawled from under

1.Take out the weightiness in the controls(ITS KZ d bag)
2.fix the cover system(not broken)
3.include blind fire(it in KZ2 did you play it)
4.more freakin weapons(Ok but it war you pick up what the enemy has) 5.100% destructible environments(the KZ2 engine is built for that but no game has 100%)
6.better online game search engine(what do you want) system for online(it actually really great and even better if you are in a clan)
8.add vehicular combat online(the maps are to small for that)
9.use of bad ass mechs online(really go play that crap lost planet 2 then)

Redrum0592945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

everyone above me has some good points. one thing i would like to add, better graphics. dont get me wrong, i love kz2 graphics but if they push it a little more, then that would show more of what the ps3 can offer, and of course it would be more badazz.

one thing i do want to take out though, in the single player campaign, there are these shadows in the corners of the screen that bother me a little. i find them unnecessary.

Edit: not the best quality but still superb graphics

Redrum0592945d ago

big shout out to joe, a.k.a. guitarshredder, a.k.a. big sexy

nix2945d ago

wow.. i think it only freezes for millisecond. wow.. you're hard to please!

@people complaining about heavy control: i think it's a great thing. but just because you can't turn in a flash and shoot back doesn't make it a bad thing. remember, he/she also can't turn back in a flash and shoot you. it goes both ways!

Gamerbee2945d ago

the weightiness in the controls wouldn't be so bad if they increased the frame rate. So higher frame rate. Maybe a little tightness on the controls. Just a little tighter.

Bare in mind I've logged in 200 hours of KZ so I know what Im talking bout.

I'd say graphics engine is fine. Its already EPIC! Concentrate on gameplay & customisable weapons IMO.!!

Might play some KZ tonight actually. After Heavy Rain that is :)

Lich1202945d ago

The only thing that bugged me about KZ2 was the voice acting. I would like to see some better work in that realm. Natko and Riko's voices drove me up a freaking wall.

Blaster_Master2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

You guys are freakin idiots. It isnt killzone without weighty controls? Really? I could have sworn Killzone 1 didnt' have that crappy control scheme. There should at least be an option to have instead of forcing it upon people. Im giving up on the franchise just like im giving up on you ps3 users actually buying games new. Has this game even sold over 2 million in the US? Thats right, no it didn't. You wanna know why? Cause the controls sucked dorks. Yall are retarded.

Also, I dont play COD, so there goes your logic right out the window. Im a MAG/Zipper fanboy, with a 1.70 KDR, who doesn't camp, and im about to switch to my 3rd faction after I get done moving my stuff to my new house. I played KZ2 to death as well, and Ive recieved trophies for being top ranked in the world for consecutive weeks in a row.

It just seems to me that you guys just like to be selfish, and dont care about what other people want. If Guerrilla doesn't fix that problem , its never gonna compete with COD in terms of sales. I find it so ironic that those that love this game and supposedly support it help bring the title to its demise in terms of success in sales against the competition. I bet it would sell at least a million more if they fixed that bullcrap laggy control scheme.

PlainOldGamer2945d ago

What do I want? Well it has to do with the online. I want BOTS online to give EXP. Sure you may be saying B-B-B-But the BOOSTING! Well when Killzone 2 came out it had that feature, me and my friend played literally all day playing against them and having fun. It almost made up for the lack of Co-Op (Almost).

It's not like we aren't good gamers we just don't like getting angry because of the faults of online play. Well the next day what do you know..? They removed it because people where whining that people might be boosting. Well yo know what, that was extremely disappointing when they removed that. I mean as long as you're having fun who cares? Well apparently the people who care WAY to much about online play and leader boards. So do this Gorilla games and I'll be happy. :)

BloodyNapkin2945d ago

Well for me


Better story
More diverse maps "Like maybe jungle, instead of concrete and steel"
More diverse art direction
More destructible environments
More Weapon's with attachable upgrades.


First off fix the [email protected] people pushing you back to your spawn area
Bigger and more diverse maps
Maybe include some sort of vehicles
Few new classes
More weapons
More game types

jjohan352945d ago

I don't like the fact that I have to change control schemes between single player and online multiplayer. If you're going to include a cover mechanism, do it for both. If you want it removed, do it for both. Those who keep their control scheme the same for both single player and online multiplayer will have a disadvantage on one of them.

2Spock2945d ago

God would people shut up with "Well it's better than COD controls". I could care less about the weighty feel while running or whatever. But lag when i am aiming and weightiness to that is very unrealistic in Killzone. BBC2 has weightiness to it but not when you are aiming and it feel's far more realistic than killzone 2 does.

sikbeta2945d ago


·More Weapons, R:FOM style
-[Laser Gun ]
-[Flamethrower FTW]
·I want to Blast Everything with The Mechas...YEAH!!!!

nycredude2945d ago

Blaster Master

Just because you a big dork doesn't mean everyone here is. Second maybe you should go play Killzone 1 again cause I have it here and it definitely has some weight to the controls, albeit not as much as Killzone 2. Also who the fvck cares if it sold 2000000 or more in the US? US is not the world. How many copies did BF:BC 2 sell on the Ps3 in the US? You don't like the controls don't buy! Go play COD 7, 8, 9 cause you will get those int he next year or so.

Boody-Bandit2945d ago

All I need is a release date!
I will leave the game design to the pros (GG)!
Just bring that puppy out ASAP!

Darrius Cole2945d ago

1. A party/lobby system - Not everyone is in a clan
2. A party/lobby system - Not everyone is in a clan
3. A party/lobby system - Most clans don't actually play often.
4. A party/lobby system - People who are not in clans pay for the game too.
5. A party/lobby system - Groups of 2 or 3 people should be able to look for games together and play together when they get there.
6. A party/lobby system - Player should be able get together to organize their game before they launch the game.
7. A party/lobby system - Its difficult to build networks because you can't easily identify the friends of your friends.

Kleptic2945d ago

^yeah definitely...while KZ2 eventually ended up at least acceptable for playing with friends, it was still a nightmare compared to nearly every other online shooter worth anything...and when the game released, it was a DISASTER to play with friends...

Multiplayer wise...vehicles would be great if done properly...would give a reason for people to actually play as Assault, other than to simply annoy everyone...actually in this area almost anything would work from me, as long as its a lot more of the same...I had so much fun with killzone 2 online that it could be the exact same thing with new maps and i'd be happy...just fix the lobby, and I'm fine...

Single player op for sure...I don't care about split-screen, just online co op...2 players, 3, 4, 8, whatever...the single player of kz2 was excellent for the most part...great boss battles...absolutely epic objectives (leveling buildings, bring down cruisers, etc.)...I just hope they can do something with bringing back Visari, and especially Radec...who was one of the coolest villians in shooter history...

visually...haha they could make it take a step down in graphics and it would still toast nearly any other console game...its obvious that won't happen though...

and finally just get rid of Rico...nobody likes him, nobody ever did...he is unrealistically temperamental for a 'leader', and is absolutely terrible at the 'job' he is supposed to do for the ISA...It makes the entire single player story extremely cheesy in an 80s action movie kind of way...he would be a victim of mutiny in any realistic situation...hell i'd purposely drop him as often as possible just to get him to stop saying 'yeah, get some'...but realized then he would only cry for a revive like the chump that he is...just get rid of him, nobody will have anything negative to say about it...

edgeofblade2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

People are coming up with some great ideas, but there are some stubborn fanboys who think the number #1 complaint about KZ2 shouldn't be fixed. (EDIT: Nevermind.... some of you morons are head-in-the-sand mouthbreathers who are just a rabidly dedicated to Killzone as other people are dedicated to Halo. NO DIFFERENCE.)

If Guerrilla added a high-precision mode to the game... that means there was something to fix. And it helped, quite a bit.

But the heavy, forced-deliberate feeling in the controls was not desirable. In fact, it irritated lots of people right out of the game. I'm not sure how you fanboys got to rationalizing it, but if most people are complaining about... it needs to be changed.

And, for the record, I played quite a bit of KZ2 online. A lot of what they did online was purely inspired, but they balked on a few unfortunate points. Suffice it to say, they were SOOOOO close.

2944d ago
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Jamie Foxx2946d ago

No mid-game loading
More accuracy when firing(I could be aiming at someones head and it wouldn't detect)
Gun height higher (is sev a midget or something?)
Co-op,maybe even split screen also
Vechiles in multiplayer

NoiseBringer2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Definitly higher framerate on 32 players servers (i saw dips even below 20fps somethimes), even tho i started to play multyplayer from beginning (with new account) an now when i have more exp its sooo much fun that im hooked again :)

Kleptic2945d ago

^^I have well over 100 hours in the multiplayer and never once noticed any real problem with framerate...with 32 players at blood gracht on search and destroy (HGH side) there would be literally 16 assault lining up firing rockets at the objective...I could stand back and watch non stop explosions and players flying everywhere without any noticeable hit...

when I did notice fps problems, it would be just before or during a server drop...which happened a lot soon after the games released...not saying it didn't happen for you...just saying i stuck almost exclusively to 32 player games, and never noticed anything other than occasionally a frame or two...which overall was the most impressive thing I saw in kz2 visually...that much stuff going on with that many players and it was still running perfectly...

robser732946d ago

Hi guys, your opinion could be posted in the related forum:

We can create a HUGE and AWESOME FPS !!

Blaster_Master2945d ago

Yeah like they would listen to us. Also, the weightiness is not realistic. Ive fired many guns in my life, there is nothing realistic about the laggy weighty feeling. Not even close. You noobs are exactly whats wrong with this industry.

Sarevok2945d ago

It's more then just the gun you know...Ammo,Body Armor.
And if your playing as a helghast Ammo,body Armor,Gas mask thingie.

arakouftaian2945d ago

Most of the guns are big a heavy plus your armor and the most important the
Helgans Planet were everything fells more heavy.

You can play with th SMG and you will fell that the gun is not that heavy
but othr guns are
is the way you play the fps games that make kz2 look had and lagy for you
and others but the controls are fine just diferent but a noob playe like you
will not understand this.

mal_tez922945d ago

If you're able to go from from sprinting forwards at full speed to running backwards in a split second then I'll belive you. The movement in Killzone 2 is much more realistic than in CoD.

The aiming and shooting is too. In cod you can aim while shooting, but in killzone you have to aim each shot more carefully. In cod, you can swing your gun around at full speed, then change directions in an instant, in Killzone the gun actually weighs something, and momentum is taken into account.

Killzone is a game for hardcore FPS players, those who hate the controls are mainly the noobs who play cod and think they have skill.
Cod took me 3 mins to learn and another 10 mins to master; killzone actually requires practice and is a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

remanutd552945d ago

since i did my high school on a military school and i have shot M1( lol pretty old uh? ) , M16 , M203 , M60 with all my armor on i have to agree with saverok and arakouftaian here , you can feel a considerable amount of weight , seems to me that you have never been on a situation like that before

Biggest2945d ago

I'll take that one step further. I know exactly how just about every weapon currently used in military combat feels. Killzone 2 tried harder than any other game to capture that. It did a very good job given its constraints of being a video game.

-Alpha2945d ago

I like how it feels. It feels heavy, it feels gritty, and it feels responsive once they patched it.

I do think that at first it was horribly contrived. CQC was near impossible and you'd miss at the stupidest things. It just wasn't realistic in that sense and it had little to do with skill. Aiming was just touchy. But then they did a patch which made micro-movements much more responsive while retaining the heavy feel which worked great.

RumbleFish2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I had no problem with the weighty movement of the character, but when it comes to aiming, KZ2 was a mess! And you are absolutely right when aiming and firing a real gun in real life, there's nothing like this laggy, sluggish feeling.
The broken aiming was the main reason for me to sell the game.
But I think my opinion doesn't count here, cause I prefer shooters with bigger maps and less chaos (four spawn grenades in the middle of the room with the tactical objectives).
And now to respond to the oncoming comments: no! I do not play CoD!
As the fans of Killzone obviously liked the game, leave anything the way it was.

EDIT: I only played it after they've first patched the broken aiming which they preferred to call a design decision. I wish I'd played it after the second and third patch.

Lich1202945d ago


I completely agree with you. I had put the game down until they patched it the first time and then enjoyed it much more. I didnt know they had patched it more since.

It wasn't weightiness. It was lag. Weightiness would be attributed to acceleration (it takes time to build momentum) which is fine. Before the first patch there was 127ms of input lag. Thats not how guns feel in real life. My mind doesn't wait to start moving my hands, if what I'm holding is heavy it'll take longer but will start immediately.

Either way, Ill be picking up the third since it was overall an enjoyable experience.

BlackKnight2945d ago

I'm sorry but this is like a classic "It's not a bug, it's a feature!". There is NO WEIGHT for the guns. None. I can't believe how wide spread this is. Some fanboy or group of fanboys start spreading this "fact" of weight yet their own theory doesn't hold up. Why is it when I pull out the m4 revolver does it have the same "weight" as the light machine gun? Read on, including the articles. Don't take the fanboy way out and click disagree and run, sure it's N4G, but step up and stop being idiots.

No one likes to admit it, but it's actually the graphics engine having too many post-processing effects and differed lighting (on average 200 lights per scene) stacked on the CPU and GPU. Ignorant fanboys usually don't know what they are talking about and don't understand that not all graphical effects hurt framerate. Some effects increase FRAME TIME. Sure, you still get 25-30 FPS, with post-processing effects especially, but you then get frame time lag that gets to the point that the player notices. This is why you get "weight lag" even on the damn pause menu.

Go ahead guys, put in killzone 2 and pause the game. Use the dpad and watch the lag. You can tap the dpad and you will clearly notice the menu moving long after you hear the sound of you tapping the dpad.

It's not controller lag or a polling issue like some thought either. It's the same issue in GTA4, another game that uses differed lighting and a HUGE amount of dynamic lights. At night, each lamp post lights up, store fronts, EACH car has over 5 lights (cabin light, each headlight, turn signal lamps, brake lights). You walk up to the back of a car and you see the red brake light cast on your character.

But back to the point, I am not dogging on PS3. I am dogging on FANBOYS who make up crap and actually get lucky and get a lie passed around as if it's fact.

Killzone 2 has controller lag that's 50-80% slower (150-183ms instead of 100ms) to respond than other 30 FPS games that have nearly no render lag (read the articles, all 3 pages each, to understand that 30FPS games have a potential lag base of 100ms not even due to render time and 67ms for 60FPS games. Also, notice Killzone 2 is not the only overly laggy game)

Killzone 2 feels out of place because FPS games are usually designed to keep the render time in check so you don't develop lag so high that the player can notice or affect gameplay. Well it's so noticeable that fanboys pass it off as a "weight" feature when in reality they are developing a "skill" of working around a laggy game engine. COD is snappy BECAUSE they used this very technique in the article (in fact the article TALKED to a dev at Infinity Ward and that's how they learned this technique!):

"We commissioned Ben to make us the light board after a programmer saw me spending a lot of time filming myself pressing buttons in front of a CRT to test input latency," says Infinity Ward's Drew McCoy. "He, being a programmer, was obviously frustrated that such an imprecise method was used to test something that he and the rest of the engineers here at Infinity Ward spend a great deal of time and energy on - reducing input latency."

COD is responsive because the engine was tuned to run at 60FPS and have as little render lag time as possible. Killzone 2 went the other route and went to 30FPS and cranked the visuals so high that the render time was quite noticeable to the naked eye/hand. Should some people be annoyed at the lag? Of course, it's one reason I don't like killzone 2. I have shot plenty of guns, aiming a gun is snappy as hell, pistol or rifle. It's also why I can't stand GTA4's laggy response (133-200ms!!!). It's worse than Killzone 2! Does it make them bad games? No. But are these cons and not a pro? (IE "weight by design") Hell yes and it's annoying except to those diluted into thinking this is a "feature". Even the trigger to fire has lag. a trigger is less than an ounce and is pulled by your finger. It's super quick in real-life! I think I have written more than enough.

Disagree all you want, just will show facts are impervious to fanboys.

Lich1202944d ago

Apparently it was higher than what my tests showed. Thanks for the link blackknight, very informative.

edgeofblade2944d ago

Master_Blaster, you have my appreciation for hitting at the root cause here: people who think video games are/should be realistic.

BlackKnight2944d ago


Thanks for reading it. It's good to know some people form opinion of games/consoles based on facts and research. Not this fanboy phenomenon. Yes I know it happens in other subjects, PC/Mac, Dem/Repub, AMD/Intel, ATi/Nvidia, etc. Still annoying though.

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Obama2945d ago

yeah a coop would be great.