Shadow of the Colossus film goes 3D?

The Shadow of the Colossus film is still in development and could appear in 3D, comments by writer, Justin Marks have suggested.

Speaking to the LA Times, Marks - who produced dodgy Street Fighter film, Legend of Chun Li - is name-dropped as being part of "Sony's action film 'Shadow of the Colossus," before going on to talk up 3D cinema.

"3-D continues to speak to the elimination of the middle creatively," Marks told the publication. "If you don't have an action tentpole that can conceivably be thought of in 3-D, you may as well make small indie movies because the studios aren't going to be that interested."

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Bloodshedder3006d ago

wait... theres gonna be a movie about the game???

WLPowell3006d ago

The guy who wrote the script for the chun-li movie is penning this one, he never played the game just "researched" the wikipedia page about it. So you can expect this to suck the big one.

wildcat3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I really hope he, however little credibility he has, at least tries to put some effort to do the game justice.

molsen813006d ago

I don't really think that was worth reading. You pretty much read the entire article just to see one sentence that SOTC is being filmed in 3D.