Sackboy playable in ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers HQ writes, "ModNation Racers has long been touted as "LittleBigPlanet on Wheels". Today this title could not be closer to the truth as United Front Games has allowed us to unveil a playable Sackboy mod & kart combo! The Media Molecule Mascot arrives with his own custom cardboard kart of catastrophe."

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sinncross2916d ago

This was expected.
I think a good way for Sony top get their Play.Create.Share titles feeling connected (beyond their PCS phrase) is to have the 'main character' from each game made available for the other games.

Helps market the games as well. So the game looks good (heard the beta was a little iffy) and hopefully it is good

Sevir042916d ago

The game even in it's beta state, exudes with polish, the racing was tight for the most part with drifting needed being tweeked. the game is heavily based on physics and there was no rubber band AI although at times it was quite unforgiving. the Creation aspect of the game would have net it a 9 on it's own since everything about it was very simplistic and not intimidating like LBP was Its just awesome. and i'm a HUGE LBP fan i simply cant wait for this game to release. and with sackboys now in MNR this just made my day even better. i love it.

gamermade2916d ago

Yes this does make total sense. I am sure that LBP will get a ModNation pack once this game comes out as well. I participated in the beta and I must say that from the newer videos they seem to have polished up the engine quite a least when it comes to the editors.

ChozenWoan2916d ago

Even if I have to feed some "Vampires" (aka give blood) to do so.

Myst2916d ago

Okay I've decided I suppose I'll get this game. Here's hoping I get enough money for it and Red Dead tomorrow when I get my paycheck :|